The ultimate college packing guide: 10 things to leave at home

As a current college student, I've made the mistake of bringing unnecessary items with me to school. To make your own move-in go smoothly, reconsider packing the following 10 items: 1. T-shirts: You’ll accumulate enough T-shirts from various sporting events, fraternity and sorority functions and school organizations to fill your dresser. Space will be limited, so only bring a handful of your favorite T-shirts that you know you’ll wear. 2. Microwave: Before you haul a heavy microwave to campus this fall, check if your dorm already provides one in the community kitchen. Since some schools require freshmen to purchase a full meal plan, the community microwave should suffice for any midnight snacks and movie-night popcorn. 3. Printer: Printers take up a lot of unnecessary space in an already tight dorm room. Most schools include printing in their student fees, so printing at the library will save you space and money! 4. Television: There are three reasons to leave that television at home this fall: Having a TV can be a serious distraction when it comes time to study. Monday Night Football will always sound more appealing than writing that midterm paper. So don’t let your grades suffer because of this unnecessary distraction. Your free time shouldn’t be spent watching reruns of “Friends.” They say college is the best four years of your life, so spend it with your real friends, not the fictional ones on a ‘90s sitcom. If you MUST watch this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” think about getting a subscription to Hulu Plus or Netflix. Watching TV online is a good, less distracting alternative to having a TV in your room. 5. Iron: Since you’ll probably go to class in your pajamas anyway, chances are you won’t have a lot in your closet that needs ironing. Just plan to borrow an iron whenever you need it; it will definitely clear some closet space. 6. Your entire wardrobe: If you don’t wear it at home, you definitely won’t wear it at school. To avoid the dreaded clothes avalanche, only bring staples that can transform into a variety of outfits. This will allow you to mix and match items and will give your closet more space. Also, use a trip home as an opportunity to exchange your wardrobe for seasons instead of bringing it all in the fall. 7. High School Gear: Resist the temptation to bring your Letterman jacket and other high school memorabilia with you. College starts a new chapter in your academic career and a new community you should identify with and invest in. 8. Pleasure-reading books: Don’t fill your bookshelf with books you “might read in your spare time.” Your classes will provide you with more than enough reading to occupy your time. 9. Shoes to match every outfit: Comfort, comfort, comfort! Living on a big campus will make you quickly appreciate the timeless tennis shoe. While a pair of wedges might go perfectly with your favorite dress, when you have to walk a mile to class you’ll opt for sneakers every time. 10. A Car: Depending on where you go to school, a car might not be necessary to get around campus. If you need to go off campus, carpooling will save you money, gas and the frustration of finding a parking spot. Brought to you by: American Profile