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My Night at the Aqua TV Show Show Live Show
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Sept. 18, 2013 12:01 a.m.

By Adam Ruhl

The creators and voice talent behind Aqua TV Show Show and

Squidbillies are performing their live variety show in Austin in

support of the new seasons. I attended the first of two sold out shows at the Alamo Drafthouse Village

on Wednesday. Present were Aqua co-creator Dave Willis and Squidbillies

co-creator Jim Fortier and voice talent Dana Snyder and Unknown Hinton.<>

They put on an amazing live show featuring comedy acts, giveaways,

and puppets shows with the different characters they voice on the two shows.

Unknown Hinton, who voices Squidbilly patriarch Early Cuyler entertained the

crowd, playing guitar and singing a number of satirical country songs. They

also screened skits from the shows and two not yet released episodes from the

current season. Iíve been out of the Adult Swim loop for the last couple years

but the episodes I saw were both twisted and laugh out loud funny. Both

shows are still fresh and wrong and going strong. Aqua TV Show Show Season 12 airs

at 12 ET and Squidbillies Season 7 airs at 12:15 ET on Sunday on Cartoon


Unknown Hinton performs the Squidbillies theme.

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