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New Pop Culture Beast Writer: Kari Tervo
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Sept. 18, 2013 12:01 a.m.

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Hi, Iím Kari Tervo. Iím a new writer here at Pop Culture

Beast. Iíd like to introduce myself. Hi!

Writing for Pop Culture Beast is going to be an adventure. The

pop culture landscape is constantly changing. New movies! Songs! Books! Games! Magazines!

Hot people, places, things! People we know well doing dumb things, and people

weíve never heard of til now doing cool things! And then there are all the

ideas that emerge from that delightful pop culture mess. What does it all
mean? Iím here to review and react to

pop culture happenings, current and classic. With so many talented (and

ridiculous) people on this planet, I think itís going to be a good time.


I wasnít always into pop culture. I focused pretty much only

on books. Then when I was in grad school, I found myself saying a lot of things

like, ďIím studying the endophenotypic characteristics of people in the

schizophrenia prodrome.Ē First of all, what? Second of all, thatís not chatter

you enjoy over a Miller Lite. I wanted to relate to people better, so I started

picking up Us and People. I started trolling TMZ and

rolling my eyes at Perez Hilton. And I started having better social discussions,

because pop culture helped me relate to almost anyone (except that researcher who said sheíd never heard of Friends, but if thatís the case, itís

probably for the better). Everyone knows who Lady Gaga is. Most people know

Paula Deen is trying to emerge from a scandal. Many people have read Harry Potter, or saw the latest summer

blockbuster. And we all adore Anderson Cooperís giggle!

Pop culture brings people together, and I love it.

But, pop culture is pretty broad. What am I into? For music,

I primarily like EDM and hip-hop. My movie tastes trend to documentaries, but I

like the occasional hit or quirky indie, too. I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and Wired. I'm also into zines, those DIY magazines. The last book I read was a

delightful Carl Hiaasen, ďNature Girl.Ē I'm pretty into comedy. And I love, love, love celebrities. Iím

from rural Michigan, so theyíre like unicorns to me. One time I was in the pit

at American Idol, and Ryan Seacrest brushed my shoulder as he walked by. I

swooned, and like the time Davy Jones gave Marcia Brady a peck on the cheek, I

told myself I would never wash my shoulder again. Ryan Seacrestís pixie dust is

no longer on my person, but I still have a fresh-faced and giddy view on

celebrities. Sometimes I get mad at them. Youíll see!

I hope youíre as excited as I am about this great Pop

Culture Beast adventure weíre on. Check back frequently, and come on by and sit

for a spell! Bring your own recommendations and reactions. I need help

navigating this wonderful world. Weíre talking pop culture, baby. And itís a


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