Family dinner time helps parents stay in touch with their kids.

With the start of school our household has been busy this fall. Both children are involved in school sports and their homework load has increased. We continue to participate in church and volunteer activities. And somehow we find time to tend to our routine work duties!
Despite the complex schedules, we have worked hard to honor our family dinner time. This is a time when we sit around the dining room table consuming a well-balanced meal and catching up on the day's activities for all family members. Sometimes the meal doesn't start until 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. due to sports, but we strive to eat together.

The family mealtime is a lost art. With busy, fragmented schedules families tend to eat quickly, independently and often the fastfood drive-thru becomes the dining setting.

I am thankful for the family time we have instilled in our household. It demonstrates a genuine concern for our children's activities and whereabouts, our children engage in honest conversation and it allows us to confirm schedules and plans. I leave the dining room table each night knowing my children have consumed a healthy meal and had the opportunity to share about what is important to them.