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  • What to Watch: Dogs say ‘I love you’ to owners

  • What you should be viewing on the Internet and on screen: “Bronies” documentary on Logo; dogs say “I love you”; smartphone Halloween costumes.

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    don’t know what a “brony” is? no problem. you’ll learn on “bronies: adult fans of my little pony,” the season 3 premiere of “what!? logo documentaries.” … 10 p.m. edt tonight, logo.

    best of the day

    if you ever thought teaching a dog how to “speak” was difficult, imagine how much training it took to get all these pups to bark and howl “i love you” to their owners.

    hot video: amazing halloween costumes using smartphones

    this is a way to be sure to win for best costume at your halloween party. check out these costumes that use your smartphone to make super life-like images.

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