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by Garon Cockrell
31 Days of Scream-O-Ween - The Incredible Melting Man
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Oct. 20, 2013 5:20 p.m.

by Garon Cockrell<>

There isnít much that can be said about a movie called The

Incredible Melting Man.  Except maybe

that the title is describing the effects of this movie. <>

The Incredible Melting Man

The Film:<>

The Incredible Melting Man tells the story of an astronaut

returning from a trip to Saturn who after arriving home begins to, well, he

melts.   Also itís gross.  He also starts killing people which really

doesnít make all that much sense.  It

seems as if he is just on a random killing spree even as he leaves chunks of

flesh and goo wherever he goes.<>

There isnít really much else to say.  Itís a melting murdering man with people

chasing him.   Despite the great melting

effects, itís not enough to save this from being my least favorite Scream

Factory release.<>

The Disc:<>

Again, disc looks fantastic and the effects are just

amazing.  This movie came out in 1977 and

I donít think a better job could be done today. 

Itís all practical effects and theyíre pretty amazing.    No CGI melting flesh here.<>

I wish the movie was just a little better to warrant such a

great transfer.  Alas, youíll find

yourself admiring the effects and not much else.<>

The Features:

  • Commentary with writer/director William Sachs

  • Interviews with writer/director William Sachs and Academy Award winning makeup effects artists Rick Baker and Greg Cannom

  • Photo Gallery

The Specs:

  • 1080P High Definition Widescreen (1.78:1)

  • DTS-HD Master Audio Mono

  • Original Release: 1977

  • Runtime: 84 minutes

  • Rated:R<>

Final Grades:

Story: C / Itís not a great film and really just an excuse

for a gooey mess of a man to wander around killing people.   <>

Presentation: A / It looks amazing and the effects really

are something special.<>

Scare Factor: C / Youíll be grossed out but thatís about it.<>

Gore Factor:  A / The

melting man is one of the grossest gore effects Iíve ever seen and his ultimate

demise is quite well done.<>

Repeat view-ability: 

C / Watch for the effects. 

Theyíre great but I doubt theyíll be enough to bring you back to watch


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