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31 Days of Scream-O-Ween! - They Live
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Oct. 21, 2013 5:20 p.m.

By Adam Ruhl

I’m a huge John Carpenter fan; I make no secret of that

fact. They Live holds a very special place in my heart. This is one of the most

creative science fiction/horror movies of the 80’s, possibly of all time. John

Carpenter was at the top of his game when he made They Live, but like many of

his better films the reception was soft on release and its reputation had to

grow over time. Grow it has and it is now a cinema classic. In fact, this

Collector’s Edition of John Carpenter’s They Live was what first turned me on

to Scream Factory and I saw the serious treatment they were willing to give

their titles. <>

<>They Live

The Film:<>

They Live was shot in the Reagan era and Carpenter mentions

in the commentary that this film reflected his point of view on that time. It

is a bleak time in America where many people are out of work and there is no

social support for them. The main character is a drifter named Nada (Roddy

Piper) who comes to the city looking for construction work. <>

Being broke, he ends up living in a shanty town where he

discovers that a group in a nearby church is making pirate broadcasts and

shortly thereafter they are raided by police. The next morning Nada enters the

church and finds a box of sunglasses. When he puts the sunglasses on he can

“see” the real world around him. <>

I know we’re not shying away from spoilers during our Scream

Factory reviews, but I’m going to stop there. If you’ve seen the movie you

already know, if you haven’t go buy this disc right now. The visual story that

is They Live is best experienced firsthand. This isn’t your typical action hero;

Roddy’s portrayal of Nada is totally believable as a down on his luck average

guy who stumbles into something huge. He’s also immensely quotable and first

time viewers are likely to have heard some of his more famous lines elsewhere.<>

Carpenter applies his usual multiple hat act,

writing/directing/scoring a film that is so stunning but sincere and at times

very funny. John also takes a lot of chances in this movie that really pay off.

There is a prolonged fight scene in the middle that stops the plot dead but

doesn’t feel at all out of place. They Live is well worth the investment and

really brings elements that make it unique even with in its sub-genre of

horror. <>


The Disc:<>

The collector’s edition cover art is a great illustration by

Tom Hodge (listed on the box as The Dude Designs) Roddy and David wielding guns

against a background of cops and aliens. The flip side of the cover is the

original box art of the sunglasses reflecting the alien. There’s a very nice

touch on the slip cover; all the slips have stickers detailing the discs

features. On the They Live slip, there’s just a black and white sticker that

says BUY. Come to think of it, the CE cover gives away some plot elements, if

you haven’t seen it don’t look too close. Buy the disc, watch it, and then look

at the art.<>

The transfer is good, the grain looks like it might have

been reduced slightly but the details are rich. A lot of the movie is at night

and there is a little ghosting in the blacks but you have to get close to see

it. <>

Scream Factory has included a lot of good interviews on the

disc. For fans of the behind the scenes there are interviews with

cinematographer, the director, the composer, and the actors. Worth checking out

is a reel of reconstructed footage that was used for fake advertisements in the

movie. Curiously the pop up menu seems to lack a chapter select. <>

The Features:

  • Audio Commentary with Director John Carpenter and actors Roddy Piper

  • New Interviews with John Carpenter, Meg Foster, and Keith David

  • The Sights and Sounds of They Live

  • Two behind the Scenes Featurettes

  • TV Spots

  • Still Gallery

  • Consume

  • Theatrical Trailer<>

The Specs:<>

  • 1080p Hi-Def widescreen 2.35:1<>

  • DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0<>

  • English-only Audio & Subtitles

  • Watch<>

  • Original Release: 1988<>

  • Runtime: 93 minutes<>

  • Rated R<>


Final Grades:<>

Story: A / Classic invasion tale that avoids a lot of the clichés.<>

Presentation quality: A- / Excellent job but the night shots

can be tricky.<>

Scare factor: B- / Not really that type of horror, subtle

scares. <>

Gore Factor: C / Not a slasher film.<>

Repeat view-ability: A / Even after you know it’s secrets

there’s enough to keep you coming back time and again.<>

Subliminal signage: ? / They all looked normal to me.  OBEY!

Add They Live to your collection, click HERE!

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