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Dom Kennedy's Get Home Safely review
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Oct. 22, 2013 12:01 a.m.


Kennedy's Get Home Safely Review

The South Central rapper

released his second studio album titled 'Get Home Safely' on October

15th, after the success of his last project, the street

classic 'Yellow Album', as well as touring and expanding his OPM

movement. Earlier this year, Dominic Hunn aka Dom Kennedy announced

that his next project would be his second studio album titled, Get

Home Safely, promising the best quality music you'd hear from him to

date. Kennedy also stated that if you've never been introduced to his

music prior to this album, it's a great way to become familiar with

his repertoire.

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It's safe to say that Dom

Kennedy has had his schedule busy this year, performing at some of

the biggest Hip-Hop festivals such as Paid Dues and Rock the Bells

along with other west coast acts such as Nipsey Hussle and Black

Hippie to name a few. Not to mention that the album would be released

under his own label “Other People's Money” keeping his time

occupied, the scheduling might have contributed to do with the album

not being able to meet several release dates. Originally scheduled

for a summer release, in August, GHS was delayed as Kennedy announced

for an October 1st date which was later pushed back,

finally settling for an October 15th release.

Get Home Safely” is

a 16 track project not including the two tracks that accompany the

deluxe version of the album, from the get-go the album starts off

with the song “Let's Be Friends”, which he premiered at this

year's Paid Dues in Devore, CA, (which I was personally able to

witness having been in attendance). The following four tracks, “17”,

“All Girl Crazy”, “After School” and “If It Don't Make

Money” are instant classics to my ears, mainly because they're

derivative of his independent street albums. Along with paying homage

to his South Central stomping grounds as well as including the

playboy rap, Dom Kennedy had been quoted to say that this album would

be a blend of his old style along with a new sound.

Get Home Safely is a good

album for those who want to hear a new type of sound coming out of

Los Angeles that doesn't include gangsta rap, then this album is the

product to send you on your way to enlightenment. I give this album

my stamp of approval, enjoy.

Be Safe

Sincerely, Miguel


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