Editor James Jordan talks about the week in Wellington

There are always stories we miss, whether it’s because we ran out of time or just didn’t know about the event or activity. Whenever you know about something that might be of interest to the community, I would encourage you to give us a call, or send me an email. We really don’t have any supernatural powers of observation or forknowledge, so the only way we really know about anything is if someone tells us.
I also want to hear from readers in general, so feel free to pick up the phone or drop me an email about your concerns.

There was one thing we knew about but chose to not report. That was the thing concerning the football player, or players, who sent messages to Andale and caused a bit of a stir.
It was bad judgement on their part, and whether that had anything to do with the outcome of the game is up for debate.
The messaging was not done at school or during school hours, so it is not clear whether school officials should have done anything or not.
While it was poor taste it was not illegal. That was why we didn’t make a big deal out of it at the time.

I also heard recently that some people were upset at a recent column, and said I called Republicans racists.
I did no such thing, and I would encourage people to read it before assuming it is true.
It is just that I have tried to find a rational explanation for the rabid hatred of the President. I am neither conservative not liberal, so I don’t come at it from either perspective.
I just don’t see why people hate him so much based on what I have seen him do, and heard him say, while in office.
I tend to think he is a little bit boring myself.
But, I still have no rational explanation for the hatred. I do think race plays a part, but I don’t think that is calling anyone a racist.
For all of you that hate him so much, I would challenge you to listen to at least one of his speeches, or go online and read a few of them at www.whitehouse.org

Retired Tuskegee Airman George Boyd will be here next Monday to speak at the senior center, hosted by the local historical society.
We put the notice up on the website, and within a couple hours I had an email from the people at Tuskegee. They apparently monitor what is published about them carefully.
Anyways, it seems that Boyd was a Major in the Air Force, and a Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol. At times either he or his promoters say he is a Colonel, and that apparently bugs the folks at Tuskegee.
I do appreciate their zeal for truth though.
He is a veteran of a few wars and is 87 years of age, so it should be an interesting talk, regardless of rankings.

Area sports teams are coming to a peak with playoffs coming.
A girls tennis team made the state tournament. Several volleyball teams are in the hunt for state as well, and of course Wellington football is doing very well.

James Jordan is editor at the Wellington Daily News. He can be reached at jjordan@wellingtondailynews.com. or call 316-201-7576