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Our friends at Scream Factory are kicking Halloween off with a bang, or a slice, with this huge announcement.

They are releasing the horror classic, and much demanded, Sleepaway Camp on Blu-ray for the first time!  UNCUT.

Read below for their post on their official Facebook page.

Happy Halloween everyone! We are super excited to announce to you on this special day that we will be releasing the original uncut SLEEPAWAY CAMP film on Blu-ray for the first time next Spring! 

This will most definitely be a Collector's Edition (new art is being worked on it as we type) and is planned to come loaded with great extras that will be announced at a later date. We love this film and will certainly aim to please fans of Angela, Aunt Martha, cussing cousin Ricky, Judy, Meg and the rest of Camp Arawak's memorable counselors and campers.

We'll post more info as it is released.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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