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John Caparulo: “Come Inside Me” (2013) CD/DVD Review
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Nov. 13, 2013 12:01 a.m.

I like it when a

comedian’s act is at least partly colored by the location, as is John

Caparulo’s new special, Come Inside Me.

It was shot in Las Vegas, and early on he talks about the drive to Vegas from

Los Angeles, which, yes, seems like it will be more fun than it is. From there

he is able to segue into other material on traveling.

He says when he was

Tampa, he got to throw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game. “I fucking blew it,” he says. He did it

once before in Cleveland, and threw it over the catcher’s head. “Everyone booed me and shit.” So this

time he tried harder. “I still kid myself

at this age like I’m going to throw such a good fastball the manager’s going to

be like, ‘You want to go a few innings?
’” I have to admit I’m not sure

whether I love this bit because it’s so funny or because I would love to be

able to throw out a pitch at a baseball game. (Congratulations, Red Sox!) By

the way, John Caparulo says they didn’t boo him in Tampa; they clapped, which

made him feel worse.

Also regarding traveling,

he has material on flying, and on specifically not being able to get direct

flights. “Everywhere I go, I gotta go to

fucking Charlotte. I could be flying from London to Hong Kong. We gotta go to


He talks about hating

bathroom attendants. Apparently, they have them in Charlotte, which is a

surprise. I totally hate those guys too, but I’ve never encountered one outside

of Los Angeles. This material is particularly funny. “You know what I need more of when I’m pooping. Fucking company. It’s just

not the same without a stranger to talk to

Like most comedians, he

has quite a bit of material on relationships. When his girlfriend (now his

wife) moved in, she started asking questions. “When was the last time this bathroom was cleaned? I’m like, you’ll have

to track down the previous owners. I’m tired of all these fucking questions

Most of his material on being married is wonderful, particularly his stuff

about couples friends. “People you’d

never hang out with otherwise, but it’s like, oh but there’s two of them, so

now they’re awesome
.” His bit about having different tastes in music is

excellent, especially about grenades and trains (you’ll know it when you hear


And I love his take on

ghosts: “If I heard a bump in the middle

of the night and I woke up and I saw a ghost, I’d be kind of relieved. Like, oh

good, it’s not the plumbing

This special is

approximately seventy-one minutes, and this two-disc set includes it on CD and


Bonus Material

The DVD includes a

half-hour behind-the-scenes featurette. This is an interview with John

Caparulo, in which he talks about how his comedy is based on reality, and gives

a bit of backstory for some of the material of the special, including more

information on throwing out the first pitch.

Come Inside Me was released on September 17, 2013.

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