Pratt resident Mike Blair has created a gem with his book, A Kansas Year.

Pratt’s Mike Blair offers a visual feast of words and images in his 2009 book, A Kansas Year. Blair worked as a photographer and later videographer for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism for many years. Since retiring, he has branched out on his own and plans to have a weekly show on Kansas Public Television, Wild Edge, sometime in 2014.

A Kansas Year takes readers on a naturalist’s journey across the Kansas calendar—from January to December. Blair’s intimate writings and photographs capture a world that is easily overlooked amidst our daily struggle to get from here to there. Fortunately, Mike spent the time necessary, patiently waiting, to capture these images for us.  

Many photographs in the book will seem familiar to local residents and are shot within a couple of hours drive from town. But this is not just a south central Kansas book. It is a book about Kansas that takes us to the four corners of the state.

Readers will be pleasantly surprised to discover at just how diverse a Kansas can be. But that should be expected when you have 82,282 square miles as your subject matter.

If you spend more time inside than you’d like, reading A Kansas Year will help you to become more attuned to the wonders of creation, whether in your backyard or in one of our state parks or other natural areas.

Be prepared though. You may want to take some time off so you can explore the natural wonders of Kansas on your own. Winter, spring, summer, or fall—anytime is a good time to slip into the pages of A Kansas Year.