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Not losing our sense of gratitude
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By Brandon Case
Nov. 26, 2013 7:46 a.m.

Often, in the world today, it’s easy to take for granted the many blessings that come every day. It’s then that the chorus from a song, “Gratitude,” by one of my favorite artists, Peter Himmelman, comes to mind. “Forgive me if I’ve lost my sense of gratitude.”
For me, it’s the simple things I try to remember when I neglect to be thankful. Here are a few:
1) Snow falling and covering trees, lawns and houses, quieting everything and transforming the landscape.
2) The joy of watching my dog bound excitedly through fallen leaves on a crisp, brilliant fall day.
3) The smell of wood smoke drifting from a fireplace nearby on a cold winter’s night.
4) Steam rising from a hot bowl of oatmeal or wheat farina at the start of day.
5) Sitting next to my wife, holding hands, and enjoying a quiet, unhurried moment together.
6) A Kansas sunrise or sunset like last Sunday morning—or the rare opportunity to witness a beautiful harvest moonrise when the clouds are just right in the sky.
7) A letter or a postcard received in the mail from a friend.
8) A brisk walk on a subzero morning, exhaling fog.
9) A bicycle ride with wildlife sightings—like the dozen or so turkeys coming straight toward me on the highway recently out by KDWPT headquarters.
10) A warm cup of cocoa or apple cider held in your hands after being out in the cold.
11) The sparkle of frost on the pavement and grass on a humid, subfreezing morning.
12) The pleasure of reading a good book when nothing else is pressing.
Those are just a few things for which I am grateful. There are always so many, if you really think about it. Happy Thanksgiving.

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