When you forget to be thankful, remember the small and simple things.

Often, in the world today, it’s easy to take for granted the many blessings that come every day. It’s then that the chorus from a song, “Gratitude,” by one of my favorite artists, Peter Himmelman, comes to mind. “Forgive me if I’ve lost my sense of gratitude.”

For me, it’s the simple things I try to remember when I neglect to be thankful. Here are a few:

1)   Snow falling and covering trees, lawns and houses, quieting everything and transforming the landscape.

2)   The joy of watching my dog bound excitedly through fallen leaves on a crisp, brilliant fall day.

3)   The smell of wood smoke drifting from a fireplace nearby on a cold winter’s night.

4)   Steam rising from a hot bowl of oatmeal or wheat farina at the start of day.

5)   Sitting next to my wife, holding hands, and enjoying a quiet, unhurried moment together.

6)   A Kansas sunrise or sunset like last Sunday morning—or the rare opportunity to witness a beautiful harvest moonrise when the clouds are just right in the sky.

7)   A letter or a postcard received in the mail from a friend.

8)    A brisk walk on a subzero morning, exhaling fog.

9)   A bicycle ride with wildlife sightings—like the dozen or so turkeys coming straight toward me on the highway recently out by KDWPT headquarters.

10) A warm cup of cocoa or apple cider held in your hands after being out in the cold.

11) The sparkle of frost on the pavement and grass on a humid, subfreezing morning.

12) The pleasure of reading a good book when nothing else is pressing.

Those are just a few things for which I am grateful. There are always so many, if you really think about it. Happy Thanksgiving.