The EEOC regulations say that employers must not consider an applicant's criminal record in hiring.

On November 4, the state of Texas filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and its chairman,  asking for declaratory and injunctive relief from EEOC regulations which require employers, including state governments, to not discriminate against convicted felons in hiring.  The language of the lawsuit is easier to read than most.  Here’s the actual filing: Texas lawsuit against EEOC.  Here’s an article which discusses it better than I can: Last Resistance article.

It’s an example of out-of-control Liberal bureaucracy, (probably the only kind of bureaucracy there is.)  They’ve gone way too far this time.  I know, bureaucracies exist to write rules.  They want to make sure no situation can exist unless at least two or three of their rules apply and must be observed.  Perhaps they mean well: when you read their official response to the governors, they say the law is intended to discourage disparate treatment of the different protected groups (note: a protected group is any group not consisting of Caucasians, who now need protection more than any of the others).  But, in my view, any regulation of the hiring of felons is overreach.   

In fairness, here’s a link to EEOC’s response to a group of state attorney generals, not including Texas’.  It doesn’t convince me.  EEOC's response.

Liberals have created all sorts of protected groups, real or imagined, casting them as victims of some form of mistreatment.  Of course, Liberals try to drum up sympathy for those victims and get laws passed to give them special privileges.   One of the most recent is young, promiscuous, unmarried women.  They can’t get free contraceptives, Boo Hoo, although we’re not talking about more than a few bucks a week.  We mustn’t discriminate against transvestites (men who dress as women, or women as men: I think those are all the categories of transvestites that exist).  The staff of the U.S. Congress members should receive subsidies for their health care premiums, whether or not they’re above the maximum income.  Labor union members should be exempted from having to conform to Obamacare, just because – well, they vote Democrat.  And on and on.  There are always more victims, and Liberals always have crocodile tears ready to shed for them.

But this time, I really think Obama’s liberal bureaucrats have gone too far.  Employers can’t discriminate against convicted felons in hiring?  If your job applicant has committed murder, theft, robbery, rape, embezzlement, extortion, assault with intent to kill, larceny, or arson – you must ignore it and hire them anyway?  You have to hire someone who has been repeatedly arrested for drunk driving, doing drugs or prostitution?  If you turn them down, or even look at their criminal record, they can sue?

You have to put your customers, your money, the public safety, and your business in the hands of people who have proven themselves dishonest?  Really?    

Sorry, Libs. I can’t feel any sympathy for convicted felons.  I’m not crazy enough to hire one, except perhaps in a few isolated cases. Maybe you are, but I doubt it.  I really hope Texas wins its lawsuit, although now that the Democrats are packing the federal courts with leftist judges, (the farther left the better) I’m not sure of the verdict.