Thankful for this life

I am thankful for an eternal God who reaches down to hold my right hand (Isaiah 41:13). A Creator whose interest and over-powering love for a sinful girl like me is more than I can fathom.
I am thankful for my husband who gets to work before the sun has risen and gets home just before the sun sets, who instead of understandably crashing on the couch plays games with his son, colors with his daughter and then reads with his youngest, only to have his day topped off with me verbally processing my own day to him.
I am thankful for my son who still holds my hand on the couch during Bible stories, who wants to tell me all of his minor victories in video games, who steps in like a boss when his sister gets sick and covers her with a blanket on the couch before finding her favorite show on the TV.
I am thankful for my daughter who still runs to hug me after school, who is determined to practice a new challenge until she gets it right, whether that be her piano songs or spelling words or roller skating or a handstand, and I am thankful for a daughter who may act frustrated when her little sister wants attention, but who sweetly gets down and plays at her level.
I am thankful for my daughter who stands in the middle of the living room floor and dances to every song that comes on the stereo and the TV, for a daughter who sees the hurt in others and wants to help them, for a daughter who has the cutest look of yearning on her face when she stands at my feet with arms outstretched and wants me to pick her up.
I'm thankful for my family who can spend all day together and still not get all our stories out.
I'm thankful for my family of in-laws who give me good conversation while eating homemade food and drinking lots of coffee.
I'm thankful for friends who let me sit and laugh with them while pushing me to be a better wife and mom.
I'm thankful for this life.