Obama should scrap Obamacare to avoid a disaster.

I imagine the Costa Concordia disaster of 13 January, 2012, is known to most people.  The ship struck a rock while cruising too close to the coast, near the Italian island of Giglio.  The rock tore a hole in the hull 160 feet long, the engine room partly flooded and lost power.  The big cruise liner, with more than 3000 passengers on board, drifted east and settled onto a ridge just off the island and continued to flood as the list to starboard increased.

Why associate this disaster with Obamacare?  Well, the captain tried to keep the ship afloat with rhetoric.  He didn’t give the order to abandon ship for a full hour, even though the ship’s tilt was increasing.  He kept maintaining there was no problem, but in an emergency, there is only so much time.  He should have launched the lifeboats immediately.  In such a situation, the safety of the passengers should be paramount, but apparently it wasn’t for Captain Schettino.  Eventually, of course, she capsized.  At least 31 people lost their lives, with one still missing.  The details I give here on the event are from Wikipedia, which I located with the keywords “Costa Concordia Story”. 

Obamacare is now known to be Not Ready for Prime Time, and disaster is looming.  But, good old Barry keeps telling us in his daily speeches that it’s going to be OK, that millions of people are already receiving benefits from it, and he’ll fix whatever problems are there.  He’s trying to keep Obamacare afloat with rhetoric.  But words can’t change reality; they can only disguise it. 

Obamacare was a large collection of bad ideas that went wrong.   Examples:  Make young people pay more to support the older folks; force people to pay premiums for procedures they’ll never need, such as maternity benefits for men, prostate surgery for women.  It’s a health care system that is intended to provide for the poor but doesn’t replace Medicaid, nor does it replace Medicare, or the Federal Employee Health Benefits plan, or Tri-care. All these expensive programs will roll on. Forcing people to buy insurance is not ideal, nor is squeezing health care providers.  Making insurance companies ignore pre-existing conditions gives people a license to steal – they can wait until they need expensive medical care, THEN buy the insurance. 

How was Obamacare designed?  It was done in secrecy, by no one knows who, but I imagine it happened like this:  the Democrats put together a team of inexperienced incompetents who knew nothing about health care – perhaps kidnapping them from nearby streets.   No doubt they were told to ignore systems that already work (Chile’s and Australia’s plans seem to work fairly well) and come up with their own.  They brainstormed with defective brains.  Thus, they created a Frankenstein’s Monster out of mismatched parts.  Unintended consequences be damned!  Full speed ahead!    

The results are still coming in.  It’s not just the incompetence of putting an untested system online, or the failure to include security against hackers, the failure to run it as a pilot program somewhere before going national with it.  All the rules changes that have been made, the exceptions granted (without authority) by the president, and his broken promises are detrimental to the public welfare, but the real problems are that health care is going to take a big hit.  More people will be eligible, but many more will lose insurance, and to be insured will have to pay much more.  Premiums, deductibles, and copays are going up to astronomical levels.  If your deductible is thousands of dollars, you might as well not be insured unless you have a major problem.  

But, on the bright side, Obamacare covers treatment of mental problems.  The Democrats and their president obviously have mental problems, because they continue to push Obamacare, but at least they can seek treatment.  Oh, wait, they didn’t choose to be under Obamacare themselves.    

Obama should scrap Obamacare and start over.  There are plenty of plans and ideas, many from Republicans.  But, he won’t.