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Day 24: Welcoming joy (there’s still time) — even on Grinch Day
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Grinch Day began as a very practical thing. My in-laws celebrate Christmas Eve late in the day, and we have kids who get antsy before 10 a.m. We needed something to entertain them.
We started by turning eggs and pancakes green. Then, we added a trip to a local museum, a stuffed animal and the book. This year there were pillow cases from Grandma Marie and an off-center banner sewn by me.
With all that extra effort, all those extra trimmings, this year was going to be the best. We just knew it.
Only it wasn’t. And we nearly blew it.
We started out late. The nephew couldn’t join us. And the time at the museum? Well, there was more than one melt down.
But tonight, as we slipped the Grinch movie into the player, I thought about Who-Ville welcoming Christmas despite the Grinch and all he had taken… and I thought maybe there was still time for my home to welcome joy, too.
We’d missed the mark and fallen well below our expectations. But joy doesn’t have anything to do with what is missing — it has to do with what is present.
And thankfully, both love and joy are present here.

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