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Year in Springsteen: Top Blogness posts from 2013
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By Pete Chianca
Jan. 1, 2014 5:10 p.m.

(Photo by Fabrizio Copano)

(Photo by Fabrizio Copano)

If you post it, they will come — “it” being, namely, timely news and commentary about Bruce Springsteen, along with a fair amount of wise-assery, as Peter Ames Carlin referred to the Blogness oeuvre in his bibliography for “Bruce.” (Yeah, I’m just going to keep mentioning that.) We posted in 2013, and visitors came in record numbers for our best year ever. Thanks for checking in!
Setlists from Springsteen’s worldwide jaunt definitely figured into the mix — see the top 5 setlists at the end of the post — but it was news, rumors and opinion that made up the bulk of our most-viewed posts in the last year. Relive them here with our list of the top 10.
Miley and Bruce make quite a pair, at least as far as Blogness readers are concerned.

Miley and Bruce make quite a pair, at least as far as Blogness readers are concerned.

1) “An open letter to Miley from Bruce Springsteen,” Sept. 10. Our post imagining the advice Bruce Springsteen might give to fellow “Wrecking Ball” singer Miley Cyrus was not only our most read post of the year — it was our most read post ever, with more than 200,000 views. It didn’t hurt that a lot of people inexplicably seemed to think that Bruce actually wrote it; among those punk’d was Miley critic Sinead O’Connor, who briefly posted a link to her website citing Bruce as a kindred spirit. Doh!
2) “New Springsteen album in January? Rumor mill heats up,” Oct. 21. Usually when the words “rumor mill” appear in the headline of one of our posts, it means that it will turn out the news item in question was made up by some Backstreets BTX user after one too many Pabst Blue Ribbons. But in this case, we actually nailed it: A new Springsteen album IS coming in January! (Or came in December, if you were on Amazon at the right time, or know somebody who was …)
3) “RUMOR MILL: Buzz builds for more U.S. Springsteen concerts this year,” June 11. Er, case in point on the whole “rumor mill” thing. In retrospect, this may have been more about wishful thinking than any serious intel. But we’re SURE we’ll see U.S. dates in 2014. Just ask the rumor mill.
Did Bruce turn his back on U.S. audiences in 2013? (Photo by Wil Allen)

Did Bruce turn his back on U.S. audiences in 2013? (Photo by Wil Allen)

4) “U.S. vs. the world: Should Bruce Springsteen address ‘the Europe issue’?” Aug. 12. Can of worms, consider yourself opened. Our essay on the controversy among some fans over Springsteen’s apparent recent preference for overseas venues garnered a ton of eyeballs, and more than 40 comments — almost all of them of the intelligent and informed variety. We love Blogness readers!
5) “POLL: Vote for the most striking Springsteen lyric,” Jan. 15. Unlike mid-January of this coming year, that period in 2013 was a quiet one in Springsteenville — hence our poll, which wound up garnering more than 4,000 responses. (!) Apparently everyone has an opinion on his or her favorite Bruce lyric — see No. 6, below.
6) “POLL RESULTS: Top 10 ‘Most Striking’ Springsteen Lines & Lyrics,” Jan. 17. The results! No. 1 was “Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true, or is it something worse?,” but it’s worth perusing all the finalists if you missed them the first time around. As we said at the time:
Bruce Springsteen’s words, phrases and images continue to be inextricably interwoven in our hearts and minds — available at a moment’s notice to help us give context and clarity to almost any situation we find ourselves in.
Our Bruce bash tips were a big hit. (Printables by @indigoblur)

Our Bruce bash tips were a big hit. (Printables by @indigoblur)

7) “Top 20 ways to celebrate Bruce Springsteen’s birthday (with party printables!),” Sept. 23. We’re always looking for new ways to celebrate Bruce Springsteen’s birthday — or Happy Bruceday, as we like to refer to it. Our list of suggestions (“Lean on a large black man and see what happens,” etc.) were no doubt popular with readers, but I have a feeling that Leann‘s party printables were the real draw. Wouldn’t you want to pin the bandanna on Bruce Springsteen’s butt?
8) “New Year’s Show?? Something’s a-brewin’ in Springsteen land,” Feb. 27. Er … Yeah, there was no New Year’s show, no matter what LiveNation.com said for a few minutes last February. Please move along. Nothing to see here.
9) “Jake Clemons Surprises Fans in London 6/14/13,” June 14. Jake Clemons has certainly been warmly welcomed into E Street Nation, and this post — featuring photos of Jake posing with seemingly every Springsteen fan in London — definitely got readers smiling. We know we got a kick out of it.
10) “Springsteen confirms new album in the works,” June 24. If Bruce says it, and Rolling Stone reports it, and we link to it, it must be true — hence “High Hopes,” coming to a record store near you the week of Jan. 13. Should make for an interesting 2014!
Top 5 setlist posts:
1) Wembley Stadium, London, June 15
2) Rome, July 11
3) MusiCares “Person of the Year Tribute, Feb. 9
4) Kilkenny, Ireland, Night 2, July 28
5) Oslo, Norway, April 29

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