I am departing from the world of design in this column

Good morning my lovely readers!
As I have done on a couple of occasions, I am departing from the world of design in this column. Today, I want to visit about life and joy and, yes, the sadness this journey includes for all of us. As I am sure most of you know, we have sent our dear Wilma, my mother-in-law, from her beloved home to her final home in heaven.
I am not by any stretch of the imagination alone in the heartbreak that a death in the family brings to one’s life. With this passage, however, the difference for us was the time we spent with Wilma in her home and the addition of hospice to our lives. The aid and information these amazing people gave to us was, to say the least, a true comfort. They were with us as we welcomed Wilma back into her home for her last days, and they were there with us when we sent her to her final home. We had remarkable relationships with all of those who floated into our lives like angels. These complete strangers arrived on our doorstep with one beautiful goal in mind: to help us and our loved one.
How does one ever repay such generous selfless people—people who will come out in the middle of the night in a snowstorm, arriving at your door with kindness pumping through their veins? Where do such remarkable people come from? Who are these people with the need and desire to help strangers with one of the most profound events in their lives?
A wonderful collection of treasured people have been with us since the beginning of Wilma’s decline. During her 10 months at Lake Point Assisted Living, the care and love was no less. We felt completely comfortable with Trudy Hurd and Kelly Winter, and all of the Lake Point staff who showed nothing less than love, compassion and respect for Wilma and our family. God places some astonishing people on the road of life and we truly see it as a miracle. I am a nice person, but the measures of devotion and reverence these people maintain in the geriatrics world is, in my mind, nothing less than saintly. I often called my dear Trudy “Florence” after Florence Nightingale.
I cannot end this column without mentioning the friends who came to me with love and a need to help with letting Wilma go. My dear friend Jeanne and her daughter Niki showed kindness worthy of Mother Teresa as they arrived armed with dinners, support and a wonderful much-needed hug. My other true friend Marsha was there in a different role, but no less comforting. As someone who has helped many transition from this world to the next, she assisted me with the steps of making Wilma comfortable as well as being fully aware of how loved she was. And then there are the friends who showed up on my porch when I was alone with Wilma while Bob was stranded due to weather. Jan, Ruth and Gene who came on an evening when I was feeling very low and just needed some companionship. They sang, prayed and kissed my Wilma…is there anything more beautiful? Pastor Einem who has been such an important aspect of the Colvin family for fifteen years came as well to visit at the hospital and at her home. Telling her of the joy and peace meeting her Lord will be and detailing a picture of her new home. My dear friend Belinda was there during her busy busy day to stop and send just the right words in an email. My Facebook page was an ongoing display of kindness and heartfelt comments, that had me wiping tears from my eyes. One particular Facebook friend is Jeannine Coats who is a nurse and has become a friend via Facebook-was supportive with her words of advice and comfort. I will never ever be sorry for coming back home to Augusta, and I thank all of the wonderful caring people for loving our family as you have. One night, I shared with Wilma my vision for her while she was wide eyed and seemed to be listening to me. I said, “You know, sweetie, soon you will be with the love of your life. And in my heaven we get to choose what age we would like to be, so here is how I see it, Miss Wilma. I see your dashing love Glenn waiting for you in his handsome 30s and you arrive in your gorgeous 20s. There, under the starry night of heaven you are dancing to your favorite song, ‘String of Pearls,’ with the real Glenn Miller and his orchestra!! Now I do think I felt a slight squeeze of my hand she was holding and pure contentment on her beautiful face. To all of you who have lost a loved one, find a beautiful almost fairytale-type scenario and let yourself see them there, happy, healthy and vibrant with life.
God bless all of you, my dear readers, and I thank you for your kindness.