How important are the 2014 Congressional elections?

The New Year of 2014 is here, and we’ll have Congressional elections in November.  How important are they?  About as important as you can imagine.  There are 4 possible outcomes:

Split.  Democrats control the Senate, Republicans control the House.  No change, in other words.  We’ve seen the results of that for two years now.  With Obama in office, that’s terrible for the country. 

Democrats control House and Senate.  With Obama in office, that’s essentially the end of the world as we know it.  All we can hope for is that, like the first two years of Obama’s presidency, the Democrats continue to be too incompetent to get anything done.  Well, almost anything – they did pass Obamacare.

Split: Democrats control the House, Republicans the Senate.  This isn’t a likely scenario.  I suppose it would be just like the current situation.  No important legislation would be passed, no reforms. 

Republicans control both House and Senate.  Now, this would be interesting.  Republicans will pass legislation that Obama will veto.  It isn’t likely we’ll have enough votes to override his vetoes, so nothing useful will be passed.  But Obama will be miserable: he’ll have to act as if he doesn’t despise Republicans in order to get any appointments done.  Suddenly, we will have an budget process again, no doubt vigorously protested by the Democrat minority, and money for certain of his favorite activities will be cut or eliminated.  Obamacare, for example, might end up with no money.  Obama might veto budget bills, shutting down the government, because the Republicans cut money for his wild spending.  It could become a furious battle, and of course the losers will be the American people.  Or, Obama might decide to work with Congress just a bit to reduce the conflict, since the 2016 presidential election will be approaching.  It’s hard to know.  Still, it’s the best possible outcome for America’s future. 

Lets take a deeper look into what will happen if the Democrats win the entire Congress.  It’s likely the Dems will ram through every pipe dream they have during Obama’s remaining two and a half years.  The Immigration Reform bill, which currently has almost no improvement of border enforcement other than throwing money at it, would provide amnesty for millions of Mexicans who would eventually gain citizenship and become Democrats.  The Welfare State will continue to grow like an out of control cancer, and taxes will jump to match it – and not just on the rich.  States will lose what few remaining rights they have.   The feds will continue to sue the states to make them conform to liberal laws. The federal court vacancies will be filled with none but liberal judges.  Democrats will continue their destruction of our economy by passing the tax on carbon emissions.  Republicans will never win another presidential election, because too many voters will be dependent on government for their support.  Think Venezuela, and what Chavez and his successor did to their government – converting our democracy into an unbreakable dictatorship.  Hide and watch our economy collapse.

It’s very important that Republicans retain the House and win the Senate, because giving total control of the Congress to the Democrats is so very unwise, and the status quo of a split Congress isn’t too good either.  But, I said that reelecting Obama would be very unwise, and the American voters did that anyway.  So, the American way of life may be doomed.