Sumner County Sheriffs bookings, through April 6

Monday 0600  to  Monday 0600            WEEKLY   BOOKINGS        3/31/2014 thru 4/7/2014
Name    Age    Home Town    Location of Arrest    Agency    Charges
Richards, Douglas Jr    38    Shaw, MS    Kahoka County Jail    SUSO    Failure to Appear
Garlow, Nicholas L    29    Wellington, KS    2200 N A Wellington Ks    SUSO    Driving under the influence
Fortune, Stephanie M    32    Wichita, KS.    SGCO Jail    SUSO    Probation Violation
Norris, Gregory B    38    Wellington, KS    501 N Washington, Wellington KS    SUSO    Serving Sentence
Moore, Kraig E    47    Mulvane, KS    431 E 10th St. Belle Plaine, Kansas    BPPD    Driving under the influence, Transporting open container
Benner, Ryan A    30    Haysville, Ks    SGCO Jail    SUSO    Probation Violation
Black Jr, Alfred L    38    Wellington, KS    120 N Plum Wellington, Ks    WPD    Warrant (KDOC)
Black, Dustin L    25    Wellington, KS    120 N Plum Wellington, Ks    WPD    Criminal damage to property
Hancock, William H    49    Homeless    610 E Hillside Wellington Ks    SUSO    Failure to Appear
Harris, Joshua P    39    South Haven, Ks    El Dorado Jail    SUSO    Warrant (Burglary X2, Theft)
Hochevar, Caly D    28    Wellington, KS    SGCO Jail    SUSO    Probation Violation
Holloway, Jason L    29    Spivey, Ks    Kingman County Jail    SUSO    Failure to appear
Jones, Jamez D    21    Wichita, KS.    I35 MM 33 Mulvane Ks    KHP    Driving while susupended and Driving under the influence
Wells, Justin A.    27    Wichita, KS.    200 S. U.S. #81    SUSO    Poss. of Paraphernailia, Poss. of Drugs
Garcia, Joseph G.    25    Wichita, KS.    200 S. U.S. #81    SUSO    Driving while suspended and Driving under the influence
Curley, Matthew L    24    Brigeton, Mo    I35 MP 16 Wellington, Ks    KHP    Driving while suspended
Stewart, Caleb D    26    Wellington, KS    11th and Jefferson, Wellington, Ks    WPD    Watrrant (Aggravated Battery, Domestic Battery, Criminal Threat, Battery, Criminal Restraint and Interference with LEO)
Jones, Jeffrey D    50    Parachute Co    I35 MP 16 Wellington, Ks    KHP    Driving while susupended, transporting open container, Possession of paraphernalia, Possession of opiates
Henderson, Phillip G    53    Wellington, KS    600 N Olive Wellington Ks    WPD    Driving while suspended, Driving while under the influence, Transportign open container, No Drivers license, No liability insurance, Refusal of blood test
Brunner, Dustin B    26    Wellington, KS    610 E Hillside Wellington Ks    SUSO    Serving Sentence
Hughes, Rayshon T    27    Wichita, KS.    610 E Hillside Wellington Ks    SUSO    Serving Sentence
Rocco, Jerry W Jr    28    Wichita, KS.    610 E Hillside Wellington Ks    SUSO    Serving Sentence
Rotramel, Robert E    37    Wichita, KS.    I-35 MP 28 Sumner County, KS    KHP    Driving While Suspend, SGCO Warrant- PV
Rusk, Tracie L    46    Wellington, KS    610 E Hillside Wellington Ks    SUSO    Serving Sentence
Wescoat, Tray J    47    Argonia, KS    200 N C Wellington, KS    SUSO    Harper CO Warrant-FTA
Worthington, Andrew D    35    Eldorado, KS    610 E Hillside Wellington KS    SUSO    Serving Sentence
Sheppard-Looper, Derbey H    18    Belle Plaine, KS    500 N US 81 Wellington, KS    SUSO    DUI, Minor in Consumption
Cook II, Williams D    47    Wellington, KS    702 N B St. Wellington Ks    WPD    DV Battery, Interference w/LEO
Cody, Cortney C    26    Wellington, KS    1600 E. 50th Ave Oxford, KS    SUSO    Interference with LEO, Permitting unauthorized person to drive
Potucek, Bradly D    24    Belle Plaine, KS    1637 E. 50th Ave.  Oxford, KS    SUSO    DUI (3rd), DWS, Refusal PBT, Interference w/LEO
Riggs, Nathan L    24    Wichita, KS.    902 S Fair Wellington, KS    WPD    Wellington Warrant-FTA
Jones, Devanna W    36    Arlingon, TX    610 E Hillside Wellington Ks    SUSO    Arlington, Texas Warrant
Lott, Daniel D    31    Wellington, KS    316 E. 16th Wellington Ks    WPD    Wellington warrant- DV, Criminal Damage to Property
Benton, Geneva A    32    Wichita, KS.    I-35 MP 32 Sumner County, KS    KHP    Harvey County- FTA
Thru 4-3-14                    
Sumner Co    21                
Sedgwick Co    23