Sumner County Sheriff weekly bookings
Monday 0600 to Monday 0600 WEEKLY BOOKINGS 5/19/2014 thru 5/26/2014

Monday 0600  to  Monday 0600            WEEKLY   BOOKINGS        5/19/2014 thru 5/26/2014        
Name    Age    Home Town    Location of Arrest    Agency    Charges    Court    Date of Arrest
Hutton, Denise     54 Wichita, Ks. I-35, mp 33 Mulvane Ks    SUSO    Driving While Suspended    SUSO    5/19/2014
Stangl, Christopher 38 Wellington, Ks. 501 N. Washington, Wellington KS. SUSO    Probation Violation    SUSO    5/19/2014
Banister, Nathan T. 52 Wellington, Ks. 501 N. Washington, Wellington KS. SUSO    Contempt (Child Support) SUSO 5/20/201
Washington, Michael W. Jr. 38    Wellington, Ks.    1820 E. 16th, Wellington, KS WPD Sedgwick County warrant SGCO 5/20/2014
Rayburn, Bobbie L. 61    Perth, Ks. 2022 E. 16th, Wellington KsWPD City of Derby Warrant (F.T.A.)    Derby 5/20/2014
Rice, Shawn David 30    Adrian, MI Lenawee County Jail, Adrian, MI SUSO Probation Violation; DWS; Fleeing or attempting to elude; Criminal deprivation of property; Stalking; Criminal Threat    SUSO    5/21/2014
Schulz, Charles D 56    Wellington, Ks.    508 E Lincoln Wellington, KS    WPD    Warrant Arrest- Distribute Herion, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia SUSO    5/21/2014
Wood, Christopher, A 33    Wellington, Ks.    B and 15th, Wellington KS WPD    Driving While Suspended WPD 5/21/2014
Brown, Dustin A    26 Wellington, Ks. 1111 E Harvey Wellington, KS    WPD Domestic Battery, Disorderly Conduct    WPD 5/22/2014
Cornejo, Savannah M 19 Wellington, Ks.    Dollar general WPD Theft WPD    5/22/2014
Hicks, Billy J    59 Levelland, TX 600 S Washington Wellington, KS SUS  Criminal Trespass    WPD 5/22/2014
Burnett, Jesse    32 Wellington, Ks. SGCO Jail  SUSO Arrest and Detain    SUSO    5/22/2014
Gile, Brian 35    Derby, Ks SGCO Jail  SUSO Probation Violation SUSO 5/22/2014
Rayl, Thornton L 47 Wellington, Ks. 703 E Lincoln, Wellington KS SUSO    Warrant- PV SUSO    5/22/2014
Araujo, Previn J. 42 Wichita, Ks.    Sedgwick County Jail SUSO Failure to Appear SUSO    5/23/2014
Lea, Anbthony T. 29 Wellington, Ks. 610 E. Hillside, Wellington Ks. SUSO Serve Sentence    SUSO    5/23/2014
Golden, Austin L. 18 Augusta, Ks. Butler County  Detention Facility SUSO Probation Violation    SUSO    5/23/2014
Hughes, Rayshon T. 27    Wichita, Ks. 610 E. Hillside, Wellington Ks. SUSO Serve Sentence 48 Hours    SUSO    5/23/2014
Pitcher, Robert    24 Tulsa Ok I35 MP  KHP Driving under the influence, Driving while suspended, No liability insurance SUSO 5/23/2014
Baker, Jason W. 34 Wellington, Ks. 274 W. Dexter, Wellington Ks. WPD Criminal Damage to Property WPD 5/24/2014
Lippincott, Cabriel A. 36    Wellington, Ks.    I-35. mp 21, KHP Pedestrian Under the Influence SUSO    5/24/2014
Ledesma, J'Lynn 23 Wellington, Ks. 610 E. Hillside, Wellington Ks. WPD    Serving Sentence 48 Hours    WPD 5/24/2014
Williams, Denelious 27 Wichita, Ks. 1200 E US166 Gueda Springs Ks SUSO Possession of paraphernalia, Distribution of narcotics, No tax stamp SUSO 5/24/2014
Swank, Paige 19 Wichita, Ks 1200 E US166 Gueda Springs Ks    SUSO    Driving while suspended and possession of opiate SUSO    5/24/2014
Dawson, Derek A. 26 Wellington, Ks. Lincoln  & Washington  WPD Driving under the influence. WPD 5/25/2014
Wilson, Chelsi L. 26 Mayfield, Ks 610 E. Hillside, Wellington Ks.    SUSO    Serving Sentence 48 Hours    SUSO    5/25/2014
Murry, Jonathan M. 25    Arkansas City, Ks. I-35, mp 16 Wellington, Ks KHP Driving while suspended and No proof of Insurance SUSO 5/25/2014
McCulley, Jennine 22 Wellington, Ks. 700 S Drury Road South Haven, Ks SUSO    Domestic Battery. SUSO 5/25/2014