Sumner County Sheriff
Monday 0600 to Monday 0600 WEEKLY BOOKINGS 6/23/2014 thru 6/30/2014

Monday 0600  to  Monday 0600                                    WEEKLY   BOOKINGS                        6/23/2014 thru 6/30/2014                       


Name            Age            Home Town            Location of Arrest            Agency            Charges            Court            Date of Arrest

Overfelt, Chelsea M.            20            Wellington, KS            600 E 16th Wellington, KS            WPD            Driving While Suspended            WPD            6/23/2014

Bennett-Hester, Kayla M.            27            Cabot, AR            I-35 SB MP. 29, Belle Plaine, KS            KHP            Distribute Marijuana  450 grams, No drug tax stamp            SUCO            6/23/2014

Asher, Traci M.            41            Mulvane, KS            800 E. 120th Ave Peck, KS            SUSO            Driving Under Influence            SUCO            6/24/2014

Teten, Mark W.            60            Tonkawa, OK            I-35 MP 33 NB Sumner County, KS            KHP            Cowley County warrant for F.T.A.            Other            6/25/2014

Fryar Darren L.            44            Ft. Gibson, OK            1111 W. 8th, Wellington Ks.            WPD            Poss. of Marijuana and Poss. of Drug Paraphernailia            WPD            6/25/2014

Spain, Jason M.            36            Wichita, KS            Sedgwick County Jail            SUSO            Here for Court            SUCO            6/25/2014

Lewis, Danille L.            40            Wichita, KS            Exit 33/ KTA Mulvane KS            SUSO            Driving Under Influence            SUCO            6/25/2014

Black, Dustin L.            25            Wellington, KS            1402 E Michigan Ct. Wellington, KS            WPD            Criminal Deprivation of Property, Possession of Certain Stimulant or Narcotic, Theft            SUCO            6/25/2014

Stewart, Melissa L.            39            Newton, KS            Larned State Hospital            SUSO            FTA x 2            SUCO            6/26/2014

Valentine, Kassandra M.            32            Wichita, KS            I-35 Northbound MP #29            KHP            Kingman County Warrant FTA            SUCO            6/26/2014

Taylor, Thomas U.            35            Mulvane, KS            141 W. Elm Wichita, KS            MPD            Violation of a Protection Order            MPD            6/27/2014

Washington, Michael W. Jr.            38            Wellington, KS            1224 E Lincoln Wellington, KS            WPD            Failure to Appear            WPD            6/27/2014

Campbell, Aaron K.            30            Wellington, KS            Sumner County Court House            SUSO            Probation Violation-Serve Setence            SUCO            6/27/2014

Arterburn, Harry M.            58            Caldwell, KS            817 W Ave F Caldwell, KS            CAPD            Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm            SUCO            6/27/2014

Perez, Tomasa            37            Blackwell, OK            I-35 mile 16 SumnerCounty, KS            KHP            Driving While Suspended            SUCO            6/28/2014

Walker, Cody D.            27            Winfield, KS            Cowley County Jail            MPD            Failure to Appear            MPD            6/28/2014

Mitts, Nicole A.            25            Wellington, KS            1323 N A St. Wellington, KS            WPD            Battery LEO            SUCO            6/29/2014

Wineinger, Jill N.            31            Arkansas City, KS            1600 E. U.S. 166 Hwy Gueda Springs, KS            SUCO            Possession of opiate, opium, narcotic or certain stimulant, Possession of para w/intent to manufacture controlled substance,Transporting an open container            SUCO            6/29/2014

Gregg, David M.            31            Arkansas City, KS            1601 E. U.S. 166 Hwy Gueda Springs, KS            SUCO            Possession of opiate, opium, narcotic or certain stimulant X2, Possession of para w/intent to manufacture controlled substance            SUCO            6/29/2014

Peters, Marcus F.            25            Arkansas City, KS            221 E. Olive Oxford, KS               OXPD            Agg Assault, Criminal Possession of Firearm, Criminal Damage to Property, Criminal Discharge of Firearm, Assault LEO            SUCO            6/29/2014






Sumner Co            7                                                                       

Sedgwick Co            48                                                                       

Wellington PD            5                                                                       

Caldwell PD            1                                                                       

KHP            4                                                                       

Mulvane            2                                                                       

Oxford PD            1                                                                       


Total            68