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  • City offers water saving incentives

  • The City of Wellington voted to give residents incentives to save water at the city council meeting Tuesday night.
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  • The City of Wellington voted to give residents incentives to save water at the city council meeting Tuesday night.
    The council agreed to order 200 shower heads and faucet aerators. Residents can bring their current shower head or faucet to city hall and exchange them for new efficient ones at no cost. The program will begin as soon as the new items arrive.
    A second part of the program will be to give a $50 rebate to people who use a rain barrel to capture rainwater. That water can be used for gardening or lawn watering without using city water.
    The barrel is hooked to the guttering of a house, and must meet certain specifications, city officials said. High efficiency toilets may also qualify for the $50 rebate. People will have to bring their receipts to city hall to get the rebates.
    Assistant City Manager Cody Sims said they would do an audit in a few months to see how the program is working, and then they may order more of the devices for exchange, and expand the rebate program.
    The city has been trying to conserve water, and recently formed a committee to study water issues. Last month the city raised its rates for major users of water, at least in part to encourage conservation.
    Also at Tuesday’s meeting, city officials discussed the water odor and discoloration issues the city has had lately with its water.
    Acting city manager Shane Shields said the problem was caused by “the lake turning.” He said this is a natural occurrence that happens about once a year at the lake. It is a biological change related to the weather and seasons that cannot be predicted.
    “It varies as to when and how severe. It was more noticeable this time,” he said.
    The city did additional treatments, flushed out the water system, and used more water from wells to help with the situation. The city gets about 90 percent of its water from the lake, but also uses wells as a water supply.
    He said even though there were some problems, they sent off samples to be tested and were assured the water is safe to use.
    Also as a result of the flushing there were some water main breaks, which also disrupted service.
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