Candidate Forum in wellington on Thursday

While the Wheat Festival is going, people in Wellington will have a chance to hear political candidates speak at a forum, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Raymond Frye Complex (320 N. Jefferson) on Thursday. The event is sponsored by the Sumner County Farm Bureau.
Candidates for national, state and local offices have been invited to attend.
Both Todd Tiahrt and Mike Pompeo have said they will attend as both seek the Republican nomination for U.S. Congress in the August  primary.
Candidates in the following races will be here, or will have a representative  United States Senate, Secretary of State, Commissioner of Insurancc,  
Kansas House of Representatives, and County Commissioner.
 Kansas Rep. Ed Trimmer and challenger Larry Alley,
Kansas Rep. Kasha Kelley and challenger Andrew Lawson.
County Commissioner Cliff Bales and challenger Jason Boyd said they would attend.
Each candidate will give a 5 minute speech and then be encouraged to stay around to visit with the public and the media during an ice cream social immediately following.
Because the Wheat Festival carnival will be set up in the Raymond Frye Complex parking lot, the north and west entrances to the building will be open to the public.  Parking will be available in the lot across the street south of the Raymond Frye Complex.