July 9
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Word of the Day
brackish BRAK-ish adjective; Somewhat salty; also, distasteful. ó Dictionary.com

Website of the Day: Donkey Blog
News from the world of competitive Donkey Kong play, and video gaming in general.

Number to Know
1,138,600: World-record high score for Donkey Kong, as played on official 1981 arcade game console.

This Day in History
July 9, 1981: The video game Donkey Kong is released. It marks the first appearance of long-running Nintendo hero Mario.

Todayís Featured Birthday
Tom Hanks, American actor, director, producer and writer, 58.

Daily Quote
ďIím not apolitical. Iím very specific in my politics, but a lot of the time itís nobodyís business unless youíre over at my house having dinner.Ē ó Tom Hanks