Here are unofficial results from Sumner County voting, with 38 of 40 precincts reporting.
Results should be finalized Friday or early next week.
In the only contested local race, Cliff Bales retained his seat on the County Commission

Primary Election 8/5/14 UNOFFICIAL RESULTS   38 of 40 Precincts   NAME OF OFFICE OR QUESTION NAME OF PERSON VOTED FOR PTY VOTES RECEIVED   REPUBLICAN BALLOT  * Indicates a write-in candidate       NATIONAL/STATE OFFICES         UNITED STATE SENATE Alvin E. Zahtner R 182     Pat Roberts R 1084     D. J. Smith R 145     Milton Wolf R 1043             US REPRESENTATIVE 4TH DIST. Todd Tiahrt R 908     Mike Pompeo R 1549             GOVERNOR/LT. GOVERNOR Jennifer Winn/Robin R. Lais R 1041     Sam Brownback/Jeff Colyer R 1402             SECRETARY OF STATE Scott Morgan R 890     Kris Kobach R 1467             ATTORNEY GENERAL Derek Schmidt R 2049             STATE TREASURER Ron Estes R 2064             COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE John M. Topilkar R 190     Beverly Gossage R 495     David J. Powell R 583     Ken Selzer R 581     Clark Shultz R 398             ST REPRESENTATIVE 79TH DIST Larry Alley R 522             ST REPRESENATIVE 80TH DIST Kasha Kelley R 389     Andrew Lawson R 293             ST REPRESENTATIEVE 82ND DIST Pete DeGraaf R 72             ST REPRESENTATIVE 116TH DIST Kyle D. Hoffman R 894             COUNTY OFFICES         COUNTY COMMISSIONER 1ST DISTRICT Steve Warner R 728             COUNTY COMMISSIONER 3RD DISTRICT Cliff Bales R 428     Jason Boyd R 294             TOWNSHIP/LOCAL OFFICES         AVON CLERK                   AVON PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   AVON PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN                   BELLE PLAINE CLERK                   BELLE PLAINE PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN H79 Graham A. Hamilton R 245             BELLE PLAINE PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN H79 Charla Hamilton R 246             BELLE PLAINE PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN H82                   BELLE PLAINE PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN H82                   BLUFF CLERK                   BLUFF PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   BLUFF PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN                   CALDWELL TWP CLERK Arlene L. Terrell R 22             CALDWELL TWP PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   CALDWELL TWP PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN                   CHIKASKIA CLERK Dennis Turek R 5             CHIKASKIA PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN Ed Larson R 6             CHIKASKIA PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN E. Gaylene Larson R 7             CONWAY CLERK                   CONWAY PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   CONWAY PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN                   CREEK CLERK James W. Hare R 18             CREEK PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   CREEK PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN                   DIXON CLERK                   DIXON PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   DIXON PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN Mrs. Carna Lee Yipe R 46             DOWNS CLERK                   DOWNS PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   DOWNS PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN                   EDEN CLERK John Turner Jr. R 37             EDEN PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   EDEN PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN                   FALLS CLERK Rod Lungren R 14             FALLS PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   FALLS PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN                   GORE CLERK Jim McDaniel R 92             GORE PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN H82 Pete DeGraaf R 22             GORE PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN H82 Karen DeGraaf R 22             GORE PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN H79                   GORE PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN H79                   GREENE CLERK Darlene A. McCartney R 12             GREENE PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   GREENE PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN                   GUELPH CLERK                   GUELPH PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN                   GUELPH PRECINCT COMMITTEEWOMAN                   HARMON CLERK Mike Neises R 31