Wellington Police Chief Tracy Heath gave the following anti-theft tips.

Police give anti-theft tips

Wellington Police Chief Tracy Heath gave the following anti-theft tips.
Sumner time, as well as early fall, Wellington Police often sees an increase in Thefts from Motor Vehicles, due to the high heat experienced during this time of the year and more pedestrians out late in the evening.  Often, vehicle windows are left partially rolled down creating a tempting target for thieves.  During 2013, WPD investigated 28 cases involving items being stolen from vehicles.  In about “two seconds” many of these thefts can be prevented by following some simple steps:
• Get into the habit of always locking your vehicle, even while parked at your home.  Most, if not all, of the cases reported in 2013 involved the vehicles being unlocked.
• Do not leave valuables, especially personal items (wallets, purses, weapons, cell phones, tools, loose change etc…) inside your vehicles.  Thefts from vehicles is a crime of opportunity…
• Always park in your driveway or garage
• Always park in a well-lit area.  While safer for you, your vehicle will be less likely a target for thieves.
• Parents…be aware of the curfew hours for Wellington.  Most thefts from vehicles involve juvenile offenders.  Wellington curfew hours applies to children under the age of 16 and begins at 11:00pm weekdays and 12:00 midnight on weekends.  Curfew ends at 6:00am each day.
• Citizens…lets be good neighbors and be aware of our neighborhoods…should you see something out of place or suspicious activity, report it to the Police.  We can generally respond within minutes.
By simply taking “two seconds” I’m confident we can reduce our chances of being a victim of a theft.