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  • Video of the Day: Tidal wave of baby goats

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    What’s cuter than one baby goat making a cute noise for the camera? A whole bunch of baby goats flat-out cavorting for the camera, that’s what.

    Screen Time
    Hawking” (10 p.m. EDT, PBS) - Turn off the reality TV and give your brain something solid with this autobiographical documentary about the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking. It’s both thought-provoking and full of wit … which is more than can be said of “So You Think You Can Dance.”
    Worst of the Day
    The NFL’s Jimmy Graham just wanted to have a Twitter account, one with a brief biography, one that mentions how he plays tight end for the New Orleans Saints … or DOES he? Graham’s social media account calls him a tight end, but in negotiating with the Saints he calls himself a wide receiver. What’s the difference? Well, about $5 million, and the Saints are using Graham’s own Twitter bio against him in a effort to lower what they must pay him.
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