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  • The Talker: Tourist claims to snap photo of Alcatraz ghost

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    A visitor to the San Francisco’s famed Alcatraz prison says she took a picture of what might be a ghost. A ghost hanging out in the jail’s visitation waiting room. A ghost that looks remarkably like a blurry photo of a woman in vintage clothes with a little Photoshopping done. Not that we’re doubting or anything.
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    With great nominations such as “We Can Twerk It Out,” “I Wanna Hold Your Ham” and “Morris Day Tripper,” #BadBeatlesSongs are flooding Twitter today. As funny as some of the title are, the real humor is in seeing the outraged tweets from those who are taking the hashtag seriously.
    Hot Video: Car chase through a golf course
    These police never give up the chase of a suspect, not even when the pursuit leads through fairways and putting greens. It is not believed that the driver of the truck was Happy Gilmore, but rival Shooter McGavin has been unable to account for his whereabouts.

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