*UPDATE* Someone has been arrested on two counts of domestic battery, robbery, malicious cruelty to an animal and cruelty to an animal. More as information is available.

Will Ravenstein

Wellington Daily News

County Attorney Kerwin Spencer is close to deciding if charges will be filed in a dog abuse case that has residents of Wellington upset.

“We have some supplemental reports I’m anticipating, that’s going to deal with how there was paint on this dog,” he said. “Paint could of got there from someone intentionally painting the dog, or it could have gotten there on accident.“

It is his hopes that once those investigations are complete, he will have a better understanding of how the dog received its injuries.

“So, that is one question that the supplementary investigation is suppose to be trying to figure out,” Spencer said. “Then the question becomes, after this dog got paint on it, did they wait for the paint to wear itself off or did they show the bad judgment of trying to take the paint off by using a chemical that was more dangerous to the dog than the paint. The photographs on the Internet kind of speak for themselves. It’s obvious that the dogs skin endured some trauma that the dog’s skin shouldn’t have endured. But whether or not that came as a result from conscience decision or accidental circumstances, that’s what we are trying to investigate.”

The case was showcased via a video posted to Facebook by a Wichita shelter, Beauties and Beasts Inc.

There they showed pictures of Blu a pit bull that suffered from chemical burns.

Spencer said with the placement of the dog in a rescue facility, there is time for the Wellington Police to complete a thorough investigation into the case.

“I don’t want to rush to judgement and give the police chief as much time as he needs to get as much information as he can to reference that, before I make a charging decision,” Spencer said.. And, we can afford to do that cause the dog is no longer in a dangerous situation.”

Blu’s name has since been changed to Clementine to help her transition to a new lifestyle.

On Jan. 27, Beauties and Beasts, Inc. posted an update video where Clementine had returned to a home with one of the caretakers, and was excitedly cuddling on the bed with them

Spencer did mention his surprise to the public outcry for this case.

“I was surprised that at all the press that came with this animal case, when I had other serious cases as well that didn’t get press,” he said. “Word got out there that you should call the County Attorney’s Office to tell him to do something. I was surprised that people felt they needed to call my office or send emails to think that I’m not affectively doing my job.”

More information will be made available as soon as a public record is made in the case.