Will Ravenstein

Wellington Daily News

Lately there has been a buzz about what Wellington could be with the addition of Cowley Community College and the future businesses associated with the construction.

Two area entrepreneurs are looking at Wellington as potential. Potential for a housing boom with all the new industry coming in the next 18 months.

Brant Dumford and Chris Tuttle, Flipper Construction, are looking into Wellington to get homes onto the market.

“We want to do something more than how a normal flipper would go in and just flip a home,” Dumford said. “We want to do some body and foundation to stand on. That’s why we wanted to come to Wellington and really put a good effort into turning around these homes that are vacant. That is something that we are very passionate about. We can make money going anywhere and doing it. It’s not about the money, it’s about what we can actually do with our product and services.”

The two have a grand vision for Wellington—move-in ready homes that are priced reasonably.

The company has 33 employees that are divided into sub groups, based on experience. These sub groups then go into a home and work on that home from beginning to end.

“We’ve streamlined and systemized our flipping,” Dumford said. “This is just a really good concept that if we are able to replicate it time and time again in this community, we will do a lot of good. We have different sub-sets of guys that will go into a home, and we specifically put them there based on the difficulty of the home. We put our skilled crews on the ones that need skilled crews. If it’s just carpet, paint and finesse then we can put a different sub-set of guys on it. All of our guys are very skilled, don’t get me wrong.”

Currently Flipper Construction is working on a direct mail campaign, where they are mailing property owners with homes for sale in order to purchase them. They also offer a service that no one else offers according to Dumford.

“If they need someone to come in and help them look at and see if it is a flippable property, that is our specialty,” he said.

Usually it takes a crew four to six weeks to finish a project, depending on the condition. Once the home is ready, it goes onto the market.

“As a realtor we don’t find the houses that are move-in ready,” Pam Hinman, JP Weigand, said. “You get so excited to show those houses to the buyers, and they won’t stay on the market very long. We just don’t have enough of those houses on the market. And, right now we just don’t have enough houses on the market already. We are going to have more of a housing shortage. With what they are doing, even without Cowley coming in, I get giddy imagining selling houses that are move-in ready.”

The duo has met with city officials to help streamline their process even more to ensure both time and money are spent accordingly.

“We want to do everything as correct as possible,” Dumford said. “But, we do want to find someone to help us streamline the process. We have to be able to turn the houses fast, cause it’s costing us interest dollars everyday. Our margins are so low, we have to be fast.”

Currently, Flipper Construction has three ongoing project in Wellington and hope to do more. According to their market research there are currently close to 300 properties that can be easily rehabbed and turned into affordable housing for homebuyers.