Will Ravenstein

Wellington Daily News

Eric D. Haskins-Ybarra pled guilty Friday to two of the five charges he faced stemming from an altercation in December of 2016.

Haskins-Ybarra’s plea was part of a plea agreement between his attorney, Evan Watson, and County Prosecutor, Kerwin Spencer.

Haskins-Ybarra pled guilty on the charges of criminal deprivation of property and cruelty to animal. Both charges are class A misdemeanors and carried a max time of up to one-year in jail.

With the plea agreement, Haskins-Ybarra was sentenced to six-months of jail on both charges to be served concurrently and one-year of probation. He also received credit for his time served while waiting for this case to be presented.

The jail time was deferred and Haskins-Ybarra was placed on the one-year probation.

“Sentence to probation for a term of one year, standard conditions, plus get a domestic violence assessment and follow any recommendations for treatment,” District Judge R. Scott McQuinn said. “No dogs while on probation, probably shouldn’t have any pets actually and get a drug and alcohol evaluation. Follow any recommendations from that. Pay restitution is yet to be determine, pay court costs and attorney’s fees.”

The case brought local, state and national attention when a video of “Blue”, the dog abused in the case, was shared online, prompting a petition to be filed on change.org, requesting that Spencer file charges under Magnum’s Law.

“We really got this case filed in a timely matter,” Spencer said. “It was less than a week after this case happened those charges were filed and he was in a situation where he no longer had access to the dog. It didn’t get worse, with the delay that is inherent in the court system.”

Randi Carter, Beauties and Beasts board member, was among the audience members in the court room Friday.

“It was a long time waiting,” Carter said. “This has been going on for 10 months. Ten months we have been waiting for her to get her justice. But, her voice was heard today.”

Carter was pleased that the case is finally over, but wished that the felony charge of malicious cruelty to animal was charged. That charged would have brought stiffer penalty if Haskins-Ybarra had been convicted.

“I would have rather seen the felony brought up,” she said. “There was a lot more damage done to that dog then was presented in court today. He opted to plead guilty and got a plea bargain and that’s just the way the system works. If I like it or not. I’m glad that he has to do at least a year probation. The only other thing I would have liked to see on that is that he is never allowed to own, harbor any animal.”

“Blue” was renamed and received medical treatment to recover from her injuries. Earlier this year Beauties and Beasts uploaded and shared a video of the now named “Clementine” jumping around a room at the temporary boarder.

Though Haskins-Ybarra had picked up several cases against him that he will appear for later this month, he was considered a first time offender with this case according to Spencer. He was pleased with the outcome of the case.

“It was alright, when the person takes responsibility, I’m okay with probation,” he said. “He’s got no significant prior record. This happened before anything else, so technically when this happened, he had no significant record.”