Candidate for governor visited Wellington recently

Willis "Wink" Hartman stopped in Wellington on Wednesday, Nov. 8 while touring for his gubernatorial campaign.

During his visit, Hartman participated in a broadcasted discussion on radio station KLEY. After spending time in Wellington, Hartman observed that the city's interests are standard in the State of Kansas.

"People there are very concerned about schools and education," Hartman said.

He also mentioned that people of Wellington are disappointed in tax increases and KanCare and are concerned about the Kansas Department of Transportation and road conditions.

"Wellington is just like everywhere else in the state – they're not looking for another politician. They're looking for a proven leader," Hartman said.

Hartman noted the corruption in Topeka and has a five-point plan to change the the attitude and direction in Kansas government:

1. Term limits. Establishing term limits could prevent citizen legislators from becoming career politicians.

2. Staff limits. Regulating politicians' staff activity somehow could stop the staff from consistently spending time and energy campaigning for politicians to get them elected.

3. Communication limits. Something should be done to stop politicians from using personal email and phones to avoid accountability.

4. Lobbying limits. Legislators should have to wait at least four years after resigning to become lobbyists.

5. Kansans first. Tax-paid politicians shouldn't be suing a Kansas company for a company in another state.

At last count, Hartman has been to 58 counties in the state, with 47 left to go. The counties he's visited so far have been fairly spread out. It's typical for Hartman to spend two days on the road every week while having eight to 10 weekly events, and he's been at this for nine months now. Hartman is focused on meeting with citizens all throughout Kansas.

"I'm not a career politician – I'm a true outsider .... I don't have all the ... special interests that politicians have," Hartman said.

He encourages people to follow his campaign for Kansas governor on Facebook, at or on Twitter. The election will take place Nov. 6, 2018.