This past Friday evening, the Crusaders traveled to Rose Hill to play against the Rockets.  The Crusader girls junior varsity team got the team off to a great start that evening.
The Crusaders took the initiative and was already ahead of the Rockets at 5-3 with 6:27 left in the quarter.  The Rockets soon proved they were a force to reckon with, pulling ahead 9-5 with 4:38 left.  Over the next few minutes, there was a lot of vigorous scuffling and going down hard for control of the ball.  Wellington finally called time out with 2:56 left in the quarter.  Coming out, Crusader freshman Alexus Clift sank in a shot from the free throw line, helping to close the gap at 9-6.  Not to be deterred, Rocket Natalie Abraham delivered two points, increasing their slim lead.
With the physical back and forth, unfortunately, the fouls were accumulating on both sides.  At this point, the Crusaders led with 5, while the Rockets were not far behind with 3.  
With less than 30 seconds left in the quarter, Delaney Parkey tied the game with a three-pointer, but the Rockets still managed to squeak out a two-pointer and the quarter ended with the Rockets leading the Crusaders at 13-11.  
It was a close game as the second quarter began, with the Crusaders once again taking the lead with a three-pointer, bringing the score to 14-13.  
The fouls, however, kept on ticking up, with the Crusaders at 8, while the Rockets had 5.  
Myriland French for the Crusaders scored a one-pointer, bringing the score to 16-13.  
It was an exciting fight to regain the lead for the Rockets.  Lexie Rose scored from the free throw line, narrowing the score 16-14.  
Mykiland French delivered a three-pointer for the Crusaders, making it 19-14.  
The Rockets fought back with Abby Vaughn nailing both of her shots from the free throw line, bringing it at 19-16 with 4:06 left in the first half.  The Rockets would once again even the score when Haley Thrush brought in a three-pointer, bringing the score to 22-22.  The Crusaders were on a roll, though, pulling away 25-22 with 1:17 left in the half.  With time running out, the Rockets worked hard to pull ahead of the Crusaders at the end of the first half with the score being 28-25.  
Starting the second half, the Rockets had the ball with Jayden Chickadonz nailing a three-pointer, increasing the lead 31-25.  
The Crusaders worked together to catch up, with Delaney Parkey McKenna Jones sealing the deal to bring the score at a razor close 31-30.  Rose Hill then called time-out with 5:47 left in the quarter.  
Delaney Parkey came through again for the Crusaders, delivering a three-pointer to take the lead at 33-31, with 4:06 left.  Her teammate Mykiland French backed her up with a two-pointer, bringing it to 35-31.  
Haley Thrush fought back for the Rockets, narrowing the lead to 35-33 with 3:19 left.  
Dalaney Parkey proved her worth once again, sinking another three-pointer to solidify the Crusaders’ lead at 38-33.  
With 40.6 seconds left in the quarter, the Rockets called time out.  As the third quarter ended, Kadin Brown downed a three-pointer, setting the score at 40-35, with the Crusaders still in the lead.  
As both teams faced off at the beginning of the final quarter, they were clearly tired.  They had played hard, but there was still a game to win.  Lexie Rose helped narrow it for the Rockets with the score at 40-37.  The Crusaders just would not let up, with their lead now at 45-37 with 6 minutes left in the game.  
Kylie Aufdengarten made it a 10-point lead for the Crusaders with 47-37, with Alexus Clift building on it, increasing the lead to 49-37.  With 5:17 left in the game, Rose Hill called time out.  
Haley Thrush again came into play for the Rockets, sinking in a 2-pointer, with the score 49-39 with 4:36 left.  
In the last few minutes of the game, these players delivered for the Crusaders:  Mykiland French delivered a three-pointer, Alexus Clift sank in both of her shots from the free-throw line, Natalie Henning shot in a one-pointer, and Draven Warnock also delivered a point.  
In the end, it was a very hard fought game, with the Crusader girls winning 58-49 over the Rockets.  Unfortunately, for the Crusaders, it was their only win for the night.  The boys junior varsity lost 49-26.  The Rockets beat the C-team boys 55-46.  The girls varsity Crusaders lost 55-34 to the Rockets.  The boys varsity Crusaders also took a loss of 60-45 to the Rockets.