As the new year begins, the people and government of Wellington face many issues that have brought heated emotions to the forefront.  We have spoken to several Wellington residents to have them share their thoughts on what they hope to see in their community for the new year.  
Sandra Carol Mers Clayton “I would love to see the main street, Washington Ave.,’‘alive” again.  It’s gotten better since we returned to Wellington eleven years ago, but it could be so much more.  I love the looks of the buildings that have been /are being restored…would love to see thriving businesses in them.  Downtown Washington Ave. is a pretty street now, and could be even more inviting with the buildings occupied, benches here and there for shoppers to rest on.  
I voted in favor of Cowley College, hoping, besides the educational opportunities it would bring, that it would also bring new people who would frequent local businesses, and encourage new businesses to open here.  
A pipe dream?  Hopefully, not’  Wellington 2018, can be better than Wellington , 2017.  Real dreams, hopeful dreams, not pipe dreams, CAN come true.  Go Wellington!”
Mayor Shelley Hansel “When I look ahead to 2018, I look ahead to a year of new beginnings.  I look forward to welcoming our new city council members, and I wish new adventures to council members Korte, Butts, and Wetta, and I thank them for their tremendous leadership and service.  I am hopeful that we can begin our transition to automated trash service, which if everyone would trust the process and give it a chance, it will be a good thing for all.
I am hopeful that 2018 will bring us new businesses and industry along with the opening of the Cowley College Sumner campus.  I am confident this next year will be one of positive change for Wellington and Sumner County.  I am hopeful that our citizens will become better informed and engaged in all levels of government as we will be choosing a new governor in 2018.  Personally, I am hoping for renewed health and wellness and would appreciate your prayers for me and my family.  
Last, but not least, I hope we can come together, find common ground, and realize that we have a great hometown and we all need to work together to keep it going in the right direction.”
Robert Hamilton
“Short list:
     Lincoln Street opening
     July 4th fireworks @ Hargis Creek
     Kansas Wheat Fest
     Cowley Campus grand opening
     Golf course club House
     Economic growth on the eastern corridor
     reduced losses @ the SRMC
     City/Public Relationship building.
     I believe 2018 is going to be a great year for Wellington because there will be loads of exciting things to look forwards to. The celebration when Lincoln Street finally opens is certainly top of most lists. I am also hoping that as a community we can celebrate Independence Day together on the 4th at Hargis Creek Park. I envision fireworks over the water with the water tower as backdrop. (Plenty of space, bathrooms, playground) Other things I’m looking forward to are; new golf course club house, Cowley Campus grand opening, economic growth on the eastern Corridor, positive year for the hospital.
    Finally, I am hoping in 2018 to see our leaders build a more trusting/open relationship with the citizens. One start to this would be having the city manager’s office publically host classes or videos on a website and educate the citizens on the city budget.
Rhonda Newberry
“To see an entire community come together with the intent of making Wellington a small hometown we can all be proud of.  
For the City Council, Mayor, and County Commissioners to work together on ways to cut our debt and alleviate the current financial burden on our taxpayers.  
I would love to see the building on the corner of Lincoln and Washington finally demolished and cleared away.  
I would love to see a thriving downtown with every empty building in use.”
B.J. Tracy
“I guess I would like to see Wellington come together in 2018 and acknowledge and improve on the many good qualities we have,  while at the same time recognizing the problems we have and developing strategies for solving those problems.  Just because our country and even our state have become polarized doesn’t mean we have to follow suit...we have to be one community if we are going to sustain ourselves.”