The Wellington Crusaders varsity girls  went into last Tuesday night’s game against Mulvane with plenty to prove.  Coming back from Christmas break, the Crusaders played hard and fast against the Mulvane Wildcats, winning 41-27.  
Right away, Wellington scored with a three-pointer, taking a lead that Mulvane was never able to recover.  
Both the Crusaders and the Wildcats fought hard for the ball, with plenty of give and take on both sides.  
By the end of the first quarter, both sides were making a fight for the lead, but Wellington still was ahead 13-6.  
At the beginning of the second quarter, both sides were going at it aggressively.  The fouls were beginning to take hold, though, with Mulvane leading in fouls 3-2.  
With 3:50 left in the first half, Delaney Parkey downed another three-pointer for Wellington, with the score being at 23-6.  
Mulvane was fighting hard, but just could not get their shots in to compete with the Crusaders.  
Haley Chambers was able to throw in one for Mulvane from the free-throw line, bringing the score 23-7.  Not to be deterred, Wellington was able to bring another three-pointer into play, with the score now at 26-7.  
Near the end of the half, though, Mulvane surprised with a three-pointer of their own, ending the quarter at 26-10.  
Coming into the second half, the Wildcats still were not giving up.  They were putting up a good fight for control of the ball.  
With 6:10 left in the quarter, Mulvane had managed to bring the score to 26-12, with Wellington still holding on to the lead.  
The ferocious action was taking its toll on both sides as their accuracy with the ball began to slide.  The fouls were still an issue with Mulvane leading Wellington 4-2.  The score at the end of the quarter remained with Wellington in the lead 32-15.
Headed into the final stretch, Mulvane still was going to make Wellington work hard for any win.  The fouls were piling up 8-4 for Mulvane, but they would not give up.  
In the end, despite some last moment plays by Mulvane, the Crusadewrs still won 41-27.  
Wellington 56, Mulvane 49
Wellington JV 44, Mulvane 34
Wellington 50, Mulvane 31.
Wellington JV 41, Mulvane 27
Avery Rusk led all scorers with 18 points while Shayland French poured in 13.
Wellington —additional points by  A. Rusk 18, S. French 13, R. Rusk 7, T. Meyer 5, J. Buck 4, M. Adams 3.