Conway Springs resident Angie May has quite a life.  With a grandmother that came from Czechoslovakia, the Conway Springs native always could claim to have an exotic background.  But, when you add in balancing a life between the Army National Guard and her own civilian practice specializing in marriage and family practice, it is a wonder she can find a quiet moment.  
Graduating from Conway Springs High School in 1993, Angie thought she was on one track when she got her master’s degree from Friends University in 2003.  She “knew people who were in the Guard, and that there was a shortage.”  The fact they “offered student loan repayment and bonuses” really helped seal the deal.  She went in for a six-year stint, but “here I am ten years later!” At this point, “I’m going to just stay in and retire!”
She has been in the Army National Guard since September 2009.  Right now, she is a 1st Lieutenant,  right on the cusp of being promoted to captain.  Her current title is Field Artillery Bravo Battery Rear Detachment Commander.  
Being an officer means it takes up more time than it would for someone of a lower rank.  It basically is a full-time job.  It is a “true challenge balancing a civilian life.”  Just before this interview, she was “on the phone with her colonel.”
Being in the military does benefit her family, she says.  It also helps her to “give back to my fellow soldiers, better our community, and our world.”
Angie sees the military as “helping her in her private practice.”  She sees many soldiers who come to see her.  Seeing a civilian, they are not bound to report anything like in a military setting.  Her practice is located at 461 E. Douglas in Wichita.  
In whatever spare time she can find, she assists with  her sister-in-law’s salsa company:  Sarah Jane May’s Green Tomato Salsa, which can be purchased at places such as Raider Pride Grocery in Argonia and Hired Man’s Grocery in Conway Springs, along with many other local places.   
As a therapist, she advises to “Keep moving forward.  Make something happen, even if it is a baby step.”
Angie lives in Conway Springs and has four children.  One of her sons, Caleb Roth, appeared in a documentary  A Walk in my Shoes:  the First 9 Months that chronicled the first nine months for five first year teachers in the classroom.  The documentary was produced by Kansas State University.