As a writer and dedicated reader, I love a good book store.  In fact, it has been too long since Wellington lost Slate Creek Books downtown.  I loved getting the chance to go in there and speak to the owners, Mike and Maggie Evans.  They were kind enough to host a few book signings for me.  When they announced they were closing up and hitting the road, I was saddened.  
Currently, the closest used book store is Blue Dragon Books in Derby.  They have a great store there on Madison Street.  The first book signing my daughter Shaylee went to was at Blue Dragon.  
Arkansas City currently has one over on South Summit, but I have never been to it.  
There are also the many locations for Bookaholic in the Wichita area.  They’re pretty good.  I can still kill many an afternoon finding a good book and relaxing on a sofa or comfortable chair.  
There is also Barnes and Noble, of course, which I still love.  In fact, this week, I finally joined the throngs of people who bring in their laptops and work on projects there.  
Further up the road, there is The Book Grinder in El Dorado.  The lady who runs it has several nice cats she keeps inside the store.  So, if you are allergic to cats, you might want to either skip that one, or take precautions before going in.  It is another location of sentimental value to me, as my son Aiden got his picture taken with me in the newspaper there just prior to a book signing I did there in 2010.  
With Cowley College opening up this fall, it would make for a nice place for students to go and relax or study or find that classic book they have to read for a class, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.   
It could be a great place for the writers of Sumner County to come for their meetings.  I love a good library--ours is truly the best--but someone having a bookstore with great furniture and possibly warm, intimate lighting would seal the deal for me.  
I do not know a specific place downtown this bookstore could be.  I just hope someone could come in there and fill the void.  It would do wonders for the downtown area if it proved successful.  There is certainly a great market for it.  Like I said, the closest ones are either in Arkansas City or Derby.  I hope sometime this year, someone will come up and say this is a great idea, and follow through with it.  I would certainly be a regular there.  If nothing else, it would get me out of the office, and people would certainly know where and how to find me.  What can I say?  A bookstore is a great place to escape to.