This song title from the breakout album ‘Cooleyhighharmony’ by Boyz II Men in 1991 is how I currently feel.

Last Tuesday, Sept. 19, I gave my notice here at the Wellington Daily News. Effective Oct. 3, I will no longer be the editor of this paper.

The last year has meant so much to me, not only as the editor, but as a resident of Wellington. I have been given the opportunity to partake in events, celebrations and heartaches. Both as a town and with individuals.

I watched with you last year as Wellington football struggled to score points and find a win. I celebrated with you as they started winning this season, and head into a hard match this week against Andale. Who is also perfect, 3-0, this season to this point.

I was welcomed into this community with somewhat open arms, that have gradually gotten wider and wider as time progressed.

Today, as I write this, I know that you, my readers, have come to expect more and more from this paper.

I have given all that I can, and you deserve more. More from me and more from the paper, but I am only one person and have given my all for you.

I knew coming into this career that I would miss holidays, birthdays, childrens events to make sure the story as a whole got told. To make sure that the people were informed, and I have done just that.

I promised you, when I started, that I would and have delivered on that promise. I wish there was more that I could do, to continue to raise this bar of expectations.

But, atlas, I am only one person.

So, now I will move on to other ventures and, like the cattle this last week, other green pastures. But, I will remain in Wellington.

Sorry, you are stuck with me for a while longer. I have enjoyed my time here, you have meant so much to me and have driven me to be more than I was when I began this journey here.

I guess now, as I joked with Chamber Coffee goers this week, I can finally purchase some Wellington Crusader swag and show my support for the school in other ways.

As I go, know this — I have enjoyed being here. Working for you has been the highlight of my career thus far.

I know the history of this paper, and constant influx of people that work here. I also know that you will support whoever assumes this role in the coming weeks.

I know I will.

Again, thank you to everyone for making this job interesting and for allowing me into your lives and homes to tell your stories.

This time will be a part of me moving forward, wherever that may be.

I have never closed with this but — LIVE WELL, LIVE WELLINGTON and Be Crusader Proud in everything you do.

— Will Ravenstein

Wellington Daily News