Two girls from Wellington honor grandpa and help needy children.

Bill Eure's grandchildren want to honor their papa.

The chemotherapy treatment could only do so much. Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia is an aggressive cancer, which affects 4,000 Americans annually. It most often appears in children, but when it hits an adult … it's devastating.

Adults receiving chemotherapy for (ALL) have a 40 percent chance of survival. Eure battled, but couldn't fight any longer.

He worked for Reno County and loved to fish, but his true loves were his grandchildren.
"His grandkids were his life," said Katie Franke, proud mother of Peyton, Elli and Parker Franke.
Noticing their grandpa losing his hair, the Franke girls had an idea for a tribute.

"When grandpa got cancer and had to shave his head, they decided to do it for him," said mother Katie Franke.

Peyton and Elli are students at Lincoln Elementary. They are typical kids. Peyton wants to be a singer, Elli – a first grade teacher.

But their hearts are anything but typical. Sure, they may be a little tough on younger brother Parker. (Mom says "tormenting him" is a collective hobby of the Franke sisters.)

But even at such young ages, the girls show a compassionate spirit -- well beyond their years. As they climb onto the barber chairs, the girls are giggly, but still.

'Wild About Hair' stylists Jennifer Kinyon and Lindsay Garton wrap their ponytails in rubber bands.

Snip. Snip. Snip.

A collective cheer erupts as the ponytails are trimmed and presented to the girls, who elect not to touch their old hair. It isn't theirs anymore.

The ponytails will be bagged and packaged, and mailed to the Locks of Love – a non-profit organization that provides real hair for needy children.

The recipients are most often afflicted with a condition called alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure. Other recipients suffer from burns, or are dealing with chemotherapy treatments.

This gesture may seem small, but the prostheses they provide will restore confidence and self esteem to a couple of little boys or girls they'll never meet… a fact that is frankly remarkable.
Let's give another cheer to the Franke girls, whose selfless act serves as a tribute to their late grandfather, and provides cheer to others in need.