“Shrinking government is a long and arduous fight, one that’s only begun.”

Washington – This morning Congressman Mike Pompeo, R-Kansas, received an award as a “Defender of Liberty” from the American Conservative Union (ACU) for his top performance as a conservative in the House of Representatives. The ACU only gives this award to those members of the House and Senate who score a perfect one hundred percent on a wide range of issues of concern to grassroots conservatives voted on during the second session of the 112th Congress.

The award follows news that Pompeo was ranked the tenth most conservative member of the House by National Journal based on his votes in 2012. Pompeo also received the Family Research Council’s True Blue Award for his strong record of championing traditional values.

“I came to Washington on the promise that I would fight to limit the size and scope of the federal government, and I am humbled by ACU’s recognition of those efforts,” Pompeo said. “But we’re far from declaring victory. The sequester, which is going into effect on Friday, represents the end of a bare-knuckle fight to cut a mere two percent of the federal budget. Big government advocates will stop at nothing to defend crony capitalism, wasteful spending, and centralized control of Americans’ lives. Cutting Washington down to size is a long and arduous fight, one that’s only begun.”

Congressman Pompeo serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and was just named the newest member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He graduated first in his class at West Point and served in the Army cavalry during the Cold War. After his service, he enrolled in Harvard Law School where he edited the Harvard Law Review. He went on to start an aviation manufacturing firm in Wichita, Kansas. After ten years as CEO, he sold his interest and became the head of an oilfield manufacturing, distribution, and service company. He was first elected in 2010 as a member of the Tea Party class having never held public office before.