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The Kansas Wheat Festival Medallion was located under a tree limb, in a Taco Bell wrapper, at the junction of Wellington High School, McDonald's, and Wal-Mart. No one was able to decipher the 10 clues, released once a day for the last 10 days, to claim the potential $1,000 prize. That money will now go to charity, which charity is yet to be determined. Below are the list of clues, and their meanings.

Clue #1
Got rules? Read 'em!

No? Get 'em!

Next step: Follow 'em!

Or...we're done!

Meaning: Exactly what it more property damage, trespassing, etc.

Clue #2
Carry A Nation

Meaning: Abolitionist crusader - crusader is the key word here, identifies WHS

Clue #3
Don't cross the line

Meaning: South Boundary Road between McDonald's, Wal-Mart & WHS doesn't exist yet so you can't cross it

Clue #4
Zoom, zoom

Meaning: Highway traffic in front of McDonald's and WHS / Mazda commercial

Clue #5
Out in left field

Meaning: Facing WHS from 160, medallion is located "out in left field"

Clue #6
The Rocket

Meaning: National Hockey League & Montreal Canadiens Maurice Richard - stands for Maurice & Richard McDonald - McDonald's founders

Clue #7

Meaning: Latin for bell - medallion is wrapped in Taco Bell paper referring to WHS bell

Clue #8
Famous Vacation Destination

Meaning: National Lampoon's Vacation - Walley World - Wal-Mart

Clue #9
Heard many of you say this is a Kroc

Meaning: Ray Kroc of McDonald's

Clue #10
Daisy _ _ _ _ _

Meaning: Duke for WHS Dukes