Al Sharpton and the media are keeping the Zimmerman protest going.

The trial of George Zimmerman in Florida for shooting an unarmed teenager, Travon Martin, in a confrontation that many believe shouldn’t have happened has made a huge impact on many Black Americans.  It has been blown way out of proportion, to the point where Al Sharpton revealed plans to sponsor Black protests in a hundred cities.  I want to comment on Black protests.  What are they protesting, and what would they put in place of what we have now?

The trial was a case study in American legal practice, which many people followed avidly.  The TV news channels, even including Fox News, were on it 24-7, and that’s all they talked about.  The jurors came to the only possible conclusion, given the evidence they were given to consider.  However, “Not Guilty” doesn’t mean totally innocent.  Most people assume Zimmerman acted wrongly, and bears a lot of the blame.  However, only he knows what really happened.

Too many people consider the incident a result of racism and racial profiling (a vague term, at best.)  Many have generalized from a single incident that racism was involved, (even though there was no hint of it in the trial,) and it’s a symptom of modern society.  We’ve heard that from Blacks, celebrities, and politicians on the Left, including Obama himself.   If that’s true, then we must conclude: (1) Blacks hate Hispanics (assuming that Travon attacked George), or (2) Hispanics hate Blacks, or (3) Democrats hate Blacks, since Zimmerman is a registered Democrat. 

The Left and the Left-leaning media concealed the fact that Zimmerman is Hispanic (too bad his last name isn’t Garcia) and cast it as White on Black murder.  They called it murder even when there was legitimate doubt about what exactly happened.  They tried the case in public, based on newspaper and TV accounts alone, and made it much worse than it should have been. 

Now, after the trial is over and a fair verdict was reached, Blacks and the Left can’t give up their characterization of Zimmerman’s act as murder.  We’ve already seen rioting in the streets of several large cities.  Sharpton wants to keep the mob violence going.  To what end?

Does he expect new laws to be passed?  What law could possibly change the current situation?  Does he want civil unrest?  Does he want a Black vs. non-Black civil war to break out?   Doesn’t he know that what he’s doing emphasizes the differences between Blacks and everyone else, and increases the likelihood of violence? 

We need to defuse the situation, not pour fuel on it.  I think professional race agitators like Al Sharpton do more harm than good.


I don’t know whether this came up in the trial, but I know that Zimmerman’s gun was a 9mm – almost certainly an automatic.  I had some thoughts about this. 

In order to fire, an automatic must have a round in the chamber, and it takes two hands to chamber a round for an automatic.   For any automatic I’ve seen,  it takes two hands to flip the safety off as well.  If we are to believe that Zimmerman drew his gun while fighting Martin, then the round would have to be already in the chamber and the safety would have to be off.  Perhaps Zimmerman prepped the gun while approaching Martin.  It’s hard to imagine he did these things while being pounded into the cement by Martin.

The second thought I had was, that once he had the gun, he could have put it to Martin’s head and said “Stop or I’ll shoot”, rather than just shooting.

I didn’t follow the trial very closely, so I don’t know whether these points were examined.