Reducing the stigma of having mental health problems in order to improve access to treatment and assistance for those in need of help.

A National Conference on Mental Health in June brought together people from across the country to launch a national conversation to increase understanding and awareness of mental health. Those who attended included representatives from state and local governments, mental health advocates, educators, health care providers, faith leaders, and individuals who have struggled with mental health problems.

The focus was on how we can all work together to reduce stigma and help the millions of Americans struggling with mental health problems recognize the importance of reaching out for assistance.

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has rolled out a new website - It provides information about what is mental health and how to recognize mental illness, and related resources. The website also offers links to the social media pages that promote the sharing of information about mental health.


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Adapted from: SAMSHA GAINS Center for Behavioral Health, Monthly Newsletter, July 2013