Wellington police will be taking part in a saturation patrol Labor Day weekend, on the lookout for drunk drivers.

Local law enforcement will be increased Friday August 30th 2013 through Sunday September lst 2013 as police work a DUI task force in an effort to decrease the amount of intoxicated drivers on the streets.

Officers on patrol for the taskforce will look for people driving too slowly, crossing  center lines and running red lights, in addition to other signs that indicate intoxicated driving. lf an officer stops a suspect for driving under the influence of alcohol, they may take further action, if the driver has the smell of alcohol on his or her breath, if eyes are
bloodshot or if speech is slurred, said Chief Tracy Heath.

The purpose of the program is to saturate a pre-designated area with roving police officers that continually monitor vehicular traffic for signs of impaired dn'ving. Patrols also place emphasis on speeding, safety belt and alcohol-related violation.