Protein drink provides convenient breakfast option.

My son decided to explore running cross country this fall and I am very grateful for his new venture. Not only has he performed well but we, as a family, have learned more about this competive sport and developed a true respect for runners. I also appreciate his coach who has instilled quality eating and drinking habits. Despite our efforts to stress the benefits of healthy, consistent meals that include protein it wasn't until the coach stressed the importance of healthy eating that he started listening. I now enjoy watching him make his own school lunches, which often do not include chips because "Mom, those are bad for you!" My son has also embraced the importance of drinking water consistently to keep the body hydrated.

While we were struggling with him eating a healthy breakfast if anything at all, I recently discovered a protein shake that works for both of us. It's filling and healthy, made from scratch and can be made in minutes. The ingredients include 1 cup milk, almond milk or soy milk, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 banana and 3 Tbsp. quick oats. Simply mix the ingredients in a blender or food processor and you have two delicious servings of a healthy breakfast. My son drinks the breakfast in seconds and is ready to start his day.