The Family Food Store in Sawyer is an oasis of homemade food and specialty grocery items for Pratt County and the region.

If you’re driving through Sawyer around noon on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, you may notice a lot of vehicles parked downtown. It’s lunchtime at the Family Food Store, which also features a deli and wide array specialty foods.

Diners may create their own sandwich combinations from any of the 10 cheeses and 6 meats that the deli offers. Whether it’s a sandwich, cup, bowl, or bread bowl of soup, you will discover delicious, homemade food sure appeal to your taste buds.

One word sets the Family Food Store’s lunch apart from the fare found at similar establishments: homemade. From the bread to made-from-scratch soup, it’s a refreshing to find a meal that’s not prepackaged and shipped in from hundreds of miles away.

One-half of the store has seating for dining, while the other half features a regular grocery store that contains specialty foods like jellies (including juice-sweetened), jams, habanero pickles, bulk food items, homemade soaps, and freshly-baked goods. Perhaps the store is most famous for its freshly-baked cinnamon rolls and pies. Personally, I’m a big fan of the homemade granola.

The Family Food Store just celebrated its one year anniversary on October 18.

“It has really exceeded our expectations,” said store owner Greg Wolf.

The Family Food Store is truly about family. Joining Greg are his wife, Ruby, four daughters—Laurel, Chloe, Savannah, and Sophie—and son Elliot. His daughter, Havilah-- born just last summer--can also likely count on future employment at the business.

“We have regarded this whole endeavor as an extension of our home schooling. The store is a place for our children to grow out into the community,” he said.

Besides Thursday through Saturday noon meals and some breakfast items as well, the store offers freshly-made Friday night pizzas.

In the coming year, Greg would like to focus on carry out catering and also add more bulk food products and specialty baking items.

If the growing crowd I observed last Friday at the store while enjoying a delicious chicken noodle bread bowl is any indication, this is one Pratt County business that’s headed in an upward direction.