As the school year draws to a close, a few teachers and school personnel have announced their retirement.

By Amber Schmitz
The Wellington Daily News

As the school year draws to a close, a few teachers and school personnel have announced their retirement.
Judy Leitch has been teaching at Kennedy Elementary for 26 years. She currently teaches Title I reading, but has previously taught 4th grade and kindergarten.
"I always enjoyed working with the staff," Leitch said. "It was like one big family. I also enjoyed working with all of the kids."
Nancy Strader has taught at Lincoln Elementary for 27 years. She has taught 5th grade for 15 years, and also taught 7th grade for 12 years.  She has previously taught 4th grade and Kindergarten at Caldwell Elementary School. Strader now raises three grandchildren, ages 6, 7
When asked what her favorite part of teaching was, Strader said "I love being around kids. I have always loved my job."
 Retiring from Eisenhower Elementary are Jayne Cook and Debbie Kimball. Cook has taught first grade for 15 years.
"I enjoyed the daily challenges," Cook said. "You start over fresh everyday."
 Kimball has worked as secretary of Eisenhower for 22 years, but has worked for the school district for 25 years. Her first three years working for the district, she was a Chapter I reading lab aide, before accepting a position as secretary.
"I really enjoyed the kids, staff, and loved the people, they have been wonderful" Kimball said. "I'm lucky enough to have worked with wonderful staff and parents, and I will miss that."
Rita O'Bryan has worked in education for a total of 35 years, with 10 of those years being the special education teacher at Wellington High School. When she began teaching, she was a physical education teacher, before going into special education.
 "My favorite part of teaching is seeing the kids progress and seeing their "ah ha" moments, when the light bulb comes on," O'Bryan said.
Peggy Lawrence  has been the secretary of Washington Elementary School for 30 years.
She also worked as the clerk of the federal programs, such as lunches, etc.
"Working with the staff and kids has just been incredible," Lawrence said.