Monday, Oct. 1st
Gary Wayne Webb, 64, Probation Violation(3 Day Quick-Dip).
Bobby Jo Howard Otis, 55, Augusta, Theft of prop/services.
Stephen Lee lawson, 24, Wichita,  Failure to appear.
Zane Jordan-Douglas Deffenbaugh, 24, Wellington, Burglary;/Possession of marijuana/Theft of property or services/ Criminal carry of weapons;/Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked.
Lorraine Giesele booker, 31, Derby, Serving Sentence (24 Hours).
Richard Anthony Alumbaugh, 31, Wichita, Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked/Driving while a habitual violator.
Tuesday, Oct. 2nd
Brandon Michael Wertman, 32, Wichita, Probation Violation(Failure to appear Pratt County).
Natasha Nicole Sutton, 34, Wichita, Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked.
Thursday, Oct. 4th
Norman Lloyd Morris, 62, Wellington, Domestic battery.
Ashley Renee Moody, 30, Wellington, Domestic battery;/ Driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked.
Matthew Earl McElwain, 29, Wichita, Probation Violation.
Lorraine Giesele Booker, 31, Derby, Serving Sentence (1 Day).
Dustin Lee Black, 30, Wellington,  Probation Violation.
Friday, Oct. 5th
Raven Octavia Sutter, 26, Wichita, Failure to appear: X 3.
Lakisha Denee Slider, 32, Wichita, Driving While License Cancelled/suspended/revoked/Vehicle liability insurance required.
Peyton Aaron Pozehl, 20, Wichita, Probation Violation (Arrest and Detain).
Andrew Kalin Gerten, 58, Wellington, Failure to Appear.
Melissa Diane Carlson, 50, Belle Plaine, Serving Sentence:  48 Hours.
Saturday, Oct. 6th
Patrick Steven Weixelman, 55, Wichita, Driving While License Cancelled/suspended/revoked.
Steven Rae Casper Somerville, 42, Hutchinson, Failure to Appear:  X2 (Ford County) FTA:  (SGCO).
Kimberly Dawn Probst, 53, Oxford, Serving 2 day quick dip).
Sasha Roseane Kirksey, 29, Wichita, Possession of Stolen Property/Driving While License cancelled/suspended/revoked/Interference with LEO.
Tori Deanna bagby, 23, Oxford,  Possession of stimulant/Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body.
Kevin Wayne Godsey, 36, Nickerson, Probation Violation/Failure to appear(Harvey County)Failure to appear:(City of Newton.
Sunday, Oct. 7th
Michael Christopher Rich, 30, Mulvane, Possession of stolen property;X2/Driving while suspended.
Meloni Elizabeth Ray, 41, Belle Plaine, Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.
Albert Anthony Glaser Jr., Indianapolis, IN, Theft of prop/services/Possession of marijuana/Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human bodyDriving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked.